Focus is one of the premier filmmaking societies of the Delhi University, this competition by Focus is an international short filmmaking competition where entries from all over the world shall be received and the selected ones are displayed in our annual festival to a live audience and the judging planel. It`s an opportunity for people to hop on to an already there franchise of events and festival presented by our society.

Exciting prizes and certificates will be delivered to the winning team.

1. A scanned photocopy of the college identity card of all the team members has to be mailed at otherwise the entry will not be judged.

2. Category- Fiction

3. All films must be an original work of the filmmakers. Teams are allowed to use non copyright music. If any foul play is detected the team will be disqualified.

4. Duration: Maximum 10 minutes, excluding credits.

5. Language: English (preferable), in the case of any other language, the film should have proper English subtitles.

6. By submitting the film you automatically give us the right to screen your film at our film festival. Any technical issues in the submitted file will be the responsibility of the participants. Changing the originally submitted link is not allowed.

7. Each team is allowed to submit only one film. Cross college teams are allowed. The maximum number of team members should be 5, excluding actors.

8. Our registration will begin from 15th April, 2022. All films must be submitted by 21st April, 2022. No late submissions will be accepted under any circumstances.

9. Entry fee: none

10. The film should not contain any nudity, or any image, dialogue or message that may hurt anyone's religious or personal beliefs. If the same is found it will lead to straight disqualification.

11. Production of movie should be in the date after March, 2021.

12. All the shots of the film must be original.

Overall Rating
  • Abhishek Singh

    Quite horrible experience. They didn't inform us about the official selection, neither they notified us about the event day. Very bad communication by the team members.

    April 2021
  • We really appreciate being in this festival

    thank you

    April 2021
  • Dr Mostafa Rostampour

    Tanks a lot for this festival

    April 2019