FILMAY 2020 short film festival Kumanovo is international contest for short films which was supposed to be held in Kumanovo in May 2020.

Considering the new situation and conditions, with complete respect to global safety and public health, festival projections in a projections hall with the audience present is planned to be held in the near future - as soon as state of safe and carefree days for public gatherings is secured.

FILMAY engages itself as international short film festival, guided by the idea that big changes are achieved through sequence of small steps.

FILMAY intends to inspire non-conformist thinking with ideas originating outside-the-box.

FILMAY claims that anything can be a part of the film story, no matter how aside it is from the visible and audible content of the film frame.

FILMAY short film festival Kumanovo was held for the first time in 2019.

First edition of the FILMAY festival received 50 film applications, out of which 7 had a screening held in the big hall of Zanaetciski dom - Kumanovo on May 29 2019 in front of audience of 200 people.

Three of the films were the ones awarded for best director, best photography/cinematography and best screenplay.
The additional four films were given `Kozjak` diploma for participation with honourable mention among the applicants.

FILMAY short film festival Kumanovo has 3 prizes for competing films:

- Best director award `Lazar Gjorgjevikј`
- Best photography/cinematography award `Radislav Ristevski`
- Best screenplay award `Kozjak`

The awards are decided by the festival jury consisting of odd-number of members. The jury is intended to have new members each year: one member of the photo-cinema club `Kozjak` - Kumanovo and additional outside members from the film creed (film/theater professionals, writers, journalists, ...).

Applications accepted for:

- feature or documentary short film
- duration up to 20 minutes
- made after 01.01.2013
- film must have an opening/closing credits with production information
- audio and video quality must be satisfactory for screening as cinema projections
- english captions/subtitle must be included in the video (or as a separate subtitle file)