Now in its 11th year -- FILM-COM has brought over 250 industry executives to directly interact with content creators working to launch their film, television, documentary, gaming or new frontier projects --

FILM-COM Packaging, Financing & Distribution Market is 100% business, not a general consumer event -- it is an environment to establish industry relationships that can help your current and future projects in pragmatic ways. FILM-COM is a unique market because primarily focuses on projects in development or newly shot, unlike other film or television markets that primarily involve distribution companies trying to sell their pre-existing product. FILM-COM helps launch feature films, scripted and unscripted television series, documentaries, video-gaming and new frontier forms by bringing in dozens of industry executives actively involved in packaging, financing, distribution, co-production deals, agency or manager representation.

The execs we bring in all have numerous contacts of their own. We bring them in, though it is up to you to present quality projects that they can either get involved in or at least assist in a meaningful way.

FILM-COM takes place in multi-billion dollar entertainment capital, Nashville USA. Industry execs are staying at the Thompson Hotel in the heart of Nashville's most progressive new district, not far from historic, downtown Broadway and the riverfront, with numerous events at various locations around the city.

FILM-COM partners with events for composers, actors, screenwriters, Faith in Film, fantasy/sci fi and other facets of the industry.

IMPORTANT NOTE: FILM-COM is an environment where you absolutely MUST be present during the four days and three nights of the event in order to have any real possibility of gaining traction for your project. We provide the context and contacts; you must do the convincing on behalf of your projects.

FILM-COM is a pure business market. The industry executives are the jurors of each project presented and the rewards are assistance with packaging or financing or distribution for commercially viable projects. The market is a place to construct business relationships and deals for current and future projects.

FILM-COM has categories for


FILM-COM does not presume to comment on the artistry of your work. FILM-COM is a business market geared to seek and help commercially viable projects, either in the packaging phase or newly created -- works that are both meaningful and marketable.

IMPORTANT NOTE: FILM-COM is not a screenplay pitch venue. Projects entered should be more than just a screenplay, i.e. the project package should involve elements including as much of the following as feasible: budget, promo art, synopsis, some production team, ideally [though not necessarily] including some funding, some attachments, some distribution, some service equity, some product integration, some footage shot, be in post-production, or a combination of any of the above.


Once filmmakers have officially entered via FilmFreeway --

You must go to the Film-Com website at and fill out the PROJECT REGISTRY FORM, where you will include all relevant business information about your project, and:

1] Brief synopsis
2] Promo sizzler or sample footage, no more than 4 minutes in length
3] 1-sheet promo art -- this will be used in FILM-COM Product Catalog
4] An ultra-brief video selfie pitching your project -- your best elevator pitch just so that both FILM-COM and interested execs get a snapshot of your genre, title, project, and which phase of the project you are in.


NOTE 2: FILM-COM DOES NOT PROCESS FULL-LENGTH BUSINESS PLANS -- those can be made available to interested industry execs and financiers.

NOTE 3: DO NOT UPLOAD COMPLETED SCRIPTS OR FULL-LENGTH TREATMENTS; however, for your own protection -- with FILM-COM or anywhere you submit your project -- all projects should have either treatment or script registered with the Writers Guild of America West or Writers Guild of American East and/or the Library of Congress prior to submitting to FILM-COM.

When filling out the PROJECT REGISTRY FORM at you must include your WGAe, WGAw or LoC REGISTRATION NUMBER. If you are submitting from a country outside the USA, then you must show proof of copyright registration with the certified entity in your own country. If there is no certified entity, then register with the WGA or WGAe as indicated above at or

Projects with the best chance of making an impact with industry executives are 1] marketable in nature; 2] supported by professionally packaged materials, and 3] presented in a well-thought-out, concise pitch that really delivers on core concept, primary characters, unique world, special marketability, any pragmatic components already in place such as talent attachments, funding, some distribution, then a conclusion about what you and your project are needing.

In order to present to industry executives, potential financiers and co-production partners, YOU MUST PLAN TO ATTEND FILM-COM fully to interact with execs in attendance, for as long as you can, and with as much detail as you have available.

There are NUMEROUS opportunities for you to interact with industry executives during the span of FILM-COM, and you should engage in all these activities to establish as many relationships as you possibly can from the beginning of the process to the end. This is how contacts get made, how projects get packaged and ultimately launched.

And the FILM-COM environment is a lot more friendly and productive than trying to visit L.A. or elsewhere to set a handful of meetings with execs who may or may not give you 15 minutes of their time.

FILM-COM has been set up for content creators by content creators and business persons who understand how difficult it is to get anyone in the motion picture industry to actually pay attention to you and your projects-in-progress. We get it.

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Overall Rating
  • J Wayne Patterson Jr

    Outstanding market with tremendous opportunities. Well staffed and plenty of opportunities for networking.

    August 2019
  • joseph midyett

    Film-com is a must.
    -Panels were better than festivals I have done in LA
    - Amazing access to TOP executives
    - Amazing food, venues, staff
    - I am telling all my creator friends THIS is the place to be if you are serious, and ready to pitch, sell, or looking for real distribution
    - Submit while you can, the secret is getting out.

    June 2019