Cachaça Filmes has held the festival since 2009. It always brings in nationally renowned filmmakers and artists from the area, aiming to offer culture and leisure options, and to favor the region's economy. In the short term we intend to bring an “elite” audience to Vila de Paranapiacaba, and in the medium and long term to bring cinematographic productions to the region.

We also have the Short and Feature Films Contest.



1 - Registration fee:

$ 8.00 (per movie)

2 - The organization of the festival "FIA CINE" will appoint a jury composed of renowned representatives in the artistic field. This commission will judge, among the works selected, those that stood out in each category. All films of the competitive show will compete in the same category, without distinction of support of capture, country of origin or spoken language;

3 - The films that stand out in the following categories will be awarded:

1 - Best Screenplay
2 - Best Direction
3 - Best Performance

1 - Best Direction
2 - Best Assembly

1 - Best Animation

Screenplay Contest:
1 - Best Short Film Screenplay
2 - Best Feature Film Script

4 - The decision of this Jury is sovereign. The festival organization reserves the right to create additional prizes, which will be released later;

2 - Registration fee:

$ 8.00 (by short script)
$ 15.00 (by feature film script)

1 - All the scripts that pass the first pre-selection will receive an e-mail containing analysis and comments from the jury;

2 - The three scripts considered the best by the judging committee will be awarded with the Trophy Mojica and brides offered by our supporters, such as film books, courses and services.

REGULATION - Short Film Festival

1- Scripts must be attached as a .pdf file, with a cover containing only the screenwriter's pseudonym(s).

IMPORTANT: Do not put your real name in the script or to name the PDF.

2- Must follow the standard format MASTER SCENES.

3- In addition to the script, when registering, the following must be attached:

a) photo document digitized of the screenwriter(s);
b) proof of payment of the registration fee.

​​4- The judging team will be composed of critics and technicians from the area of ​​audiovisual scripts.

5 - All scripts that pass the first pre-selection will receive an email containing the jury's analysis and comments.

6 - The one who is considered the best screenplay by the judging committee will be awarded the Mojica Trophy and gifts offered by our supporters, such as movie books, courses, consultancy and services.

7 - The decision of the judging team is sovereign and irreversible.

8 - Enrollments are until August 31, 2022 (until 23:59 - Brasília time)

9 - Any queries can be addressed through the email:

$ 8.00 (by short script)
$ 15.00 (by feature film script)

Applications can also be made directly at:

Overall Rating
  • Acacia Araujo

    I was very happy to participate in this festival. Receiving the jure best director and special awards was a great honor for me and the entire team. The attention and affection of the festival staff was surprising!

    December 2022
    Response from festival:

    Oi querida!
    Me desculpe pela demora. Só agora vi seu depoimento.
    Nós que agradecemos muito pela qualidade de seu trabalho, por enviar o produtor te representando na premiação e por brindar a todos com a presença incomparável da DIVA dona Laura Cardoso.
    Apesar de tão experiente, o júri ficou comovido em ver dona Laura em cena e foram eles que propuseram este Prêmio Especial.
    Esperamos continuar recebendo seus filmes nas próximas edições.
    Bjs e obrigado.
    Beto Besant