A film festival that focuses on both emerging and established female filmmakers.

The festival will take place in Los Angeles California, during a four-day jammed pack festival.

Films that will be selected will showcase the talents of what female filmmakers can and have done!

But don’t let the name fool you! Men and all identifying individuals have submitted and have been an official selection of the festival and some have won! We do not discriminate, we encourage diversity, equality, and inclusion; which has been lacking in this industry. If you support that, WE support you!

Beautifully crafted trophies, with diploma like awards, will be given in several different categories.

Best Feature
Best Short
Best Student
Best Documentary
Best Webseries
Best Comedy
Best Drama
Best Horror
Best Animation
Audience Award

Best Director
Best Writer
Best Actress
Best Cinematographer
Best Editor
Emerging Talent Award

The only rule there is...the film must feature a female lead in the production aspect; producer, director, cinematographer and or writer. The film can have male roles in production, but the major key crew members must be female.

We are currently only taking online submissions

Overall Rating
  • Catarina Campos Costa

    This festival is a SCAM. We applied with our film and were contacted by the festival director saying we were selected. The festival invited us to attend the public screening. We flew to LA, but it didn't happen. Nobody ever replied to our emails, nobody picked up the phone. It's all a scam. COVID isn't an excuse, because the dates were November 2022. Everything was alright by them.

    March 2023
  • Bee Pedersen

    What a great experience. Well conducted. Very Professional and supportive.

    November 2020
  • Thanks for accepting Hyphen! Unable to attend but was thankful to be able to enter after a great podcast session.

    June 2020
  • Yumi Shin

    The festival ran smoothly & the staff was very friendly but I expected the event to be more exciting. There were hardly any attendees during our screening block and the films screened ranged from okay to great. It's a great festival that celebrates female filmmakers which is so important to have so I think just go into it knowing what to expect!

    November 2019
  • A great opportunity for female filmmakers to screen their work, meet their peers and see some great films! I was very impressed with the quality of films showcased at FF Fuse Fest, and flattered for In Her View to be included in their midst. Thank you, Alexa!

    November 2019