The Experimental Film Fest features Avant-Garde and Experimental films of any length and in any sub-genre. We want the unusual, the macabre, the offbeat, the beautiful, the ugly, and the truly experimental film. We want you to explore the medium in ways that are not only unconventional but entertaining.

The Festival occurred June 2, 2020, at 7-10:30 PM.

And the winners are:

Festival Winner: Sunset Strip Self-Improvement Affirmations - Joseph Culp

Critic's Choice: Westbound/Eastbound - Rohan Bader

Audience Favorite: Beth's Three O'Clock with Dr. Harlow - Emma Penaz Eisner


Solastalgia - Scott Turri
This Was My Son - Rob Underhill
Blue, Diane - Jackson McKeehan
Breathed Away - Chen Xiang-Yun
I'm Sorry I Abandoned You - Kate Pelling

Film must be downloadable via FilmFreeway. If your film is password protected, please send the password to the festival director.

Selection for the festival does not guarantee screening during the festival. We may contact you for permission to include your film in special film event nights as festival selections.

Overall Rating
  • DT Kofoed

    The double-whammy of pandemic & protests kept me from attending, but I applaud the festival for persevering. There are far too few with such curated taste, and the director's podcast invitation was a delightful bonus.

    September 2020
  • Gwendolyn Audrey Foster

    Thanks for supporting experimental film! The podcasts are pretty awesome.

    June 2020
  • Christian Lauchenauer

    It was a great honor to me to be a part of the Experimental Film Fest! Also the Podcast with Ken was a great experience.
    Unfortunately I could not take part in Tulsa, but on the pictures it looks great I hope to be a part also next year.
    I love the attitude of the Festival and the way how the communicate to the participants.

    June 2020
  • Isaac Zambra

    It was a sensitive and very well organized experience.

    June 2020
  • martin del carpio

    A great festival to be a part of this year!

    June 2020