///// ONLY LGBTIQ films are programed ! /////

Everybody's Perfect is the major LGBTIQ cinema festival of the french speaking part of Switzerland. Created in 2010, it was the first existing festival this side of our country, (except an experience in 1978).
Till 2018 it is a biennal event.
Known for its quality of program and its film-debate evenings with experts, public, lgbtiq associations and filmmakers.

Perfect Awards for best documentary and best fiction
Audience awards for the best short films in lesbian, gay and trans* "categories"
(Honoraries awards till now)

Submit a film with LGBTIQ+ themes.

Overall Rating
  • Great festival and the communication was also great!

    October 2018
  • Great festival, good communication. Everything was fine.

    October 2018
  • Jean-Baptiste HUONG

    Thank you so much. It was great and such an honour to have your first movie selected as a premiere.

    October 2018
  • Nina Oppliger

    Thank you for screening our short documentary «Being Okey» in Geneva and giving us the opportunity to talk about and raise awareness for queer refugees. Communication was a bit difficult at times but as this is quite a long festival with and amazing number of films and just a few people organizing it we could understand perfectly that it is not easy. We would definitely recommend to submit!

    October 2018