«EUROPEAN FILM FESTIVAL Mainstream & Underground» (https://www.imdb.com/event/ev0005140) - this is one of the few festivals in the world that have a multicultural mission. Russia has always been a multicultural country.
Cultural space of country is open to various forms of self-consciousness. Cinema is a world where anything is possible. Our festival is a meeting of Europe and Asia, mainstream and underground.
We are looking for participants from different parts of the world who make different films.
The modern world is unstable. Politics and Economics have divided countries and cultures. And only cinema that creates myths and tells the stories will help us to understand each other.
The independent jury consists of film industry professionals and independent filmmakers from several countries. Each year new members of the jury will be invited.
The films will be evaluated and awarded online. The best films will be shown on the big screen.

Mission of the festival:
- introducing the new world films for the audience, industry professionals and festivals;
- opening the new cinema names;
- helping you to find the path to the viewer.

What you will receive when you will participate in our festival:
- the possibility of showing the film for the audience;
- we will promote all selected films of the festival;
- independent expert assessment of your movies;
- all official selections, nominees, and winners will receive an award certificate in electronic format, and laurels to include on their film and personal promotional materials.

All Official Selections, Nominees, and Winners will receive an award certificate in electronic format, and laurels to include on their film and personal promotional materials.

Best Feature Film
Best Short Film
Best Documentary
Best Web Series
Best Animation
Best Music Video
Best Experimental
Best Video Art
Best Director
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Feature Screenplay
Best Short Script
Best Cinematography
Best Editing

We accept all genres.
We encourage the submission of international film or video entries, but all entries must be in English or have English dubbing or subtitles.
All entries must be available for screening during the festival.
You may submit as many entries as you like. Each entry requires its own entry fee.
Please submit a film using Filmfreeway.
Works in progress are accepted
Entry fees are non-refundable

Overall Rating
  • Nor nor

    To choose finalist a film with a synopsis like The Overground you need courage. Its not the easy way. This festival got my respect. Best

    October 2019
  • Carrie Love

    It was a pleasure to screen at the European Film Festival. They did a great job at organizing the event, keeping me informed of next steps, and then emailed me photos of my film being screened, which was a real treat. Thanks and good luck with next year!

    October 2019
  • It was an amazing honor for The Elite 8 to be selected Best Web Series by European Film Festival (Mainstream & Underground) in Moscow! The Festival is extremely communicative & organized. They even translated my subtitles from English to Russian & sent photos of scenes screened at the Festival with the Russian subtitles. My Facebook friends & I really enjoyed seeing that! I would have loved to have come to Russia for the Festival but do not have the required Visa. Maybe some other time! Thank you, EFF, for everything you do.

    October 2019
  • Demetrio Casile

    E' stato un piacere enorme partecipare ad un festival cosi prestigioso..un saluto dall'Italia

    October 2019
  • Evripidis Karydis

    I wasn t able to attend this year but communication was excellent. I also was so thrilled that my doc won the best documentary award.

    October 2019