EthnoKino Film Festival is dedicated to visionaries and pioneering storytellers across the globe. We are an international action community of practice, that co-creates systemic change through the power of strong storytelling. Our homely cinema of the commons, intends to create a nourishing movement for wider influence.

Ensuring a catalytic atmosphere we encourage dynamic encounters among various backgrounds of people coming from all walks of life. Via an inclusive and diverse learning, sharing and creative space creation EthnoKino hosts multiple events from; Film screenings, Q&A Discussions, Forums, Keynotes, Masterclasses, Workshops, Vision Talks, Gastronomical and Musical events with a newly introduced fully-fledged Mentorship Program for Doc-Incubations and Doc-Impact Labs with individuals, artists, filmmakers, musicians, jury members and venues.

Award of Recognition: We believe every film that makes it to our screens is deserving of recognition.

Films can be short to feature, there are no time limits and no rigid rules or terms. We are simply looking for outstanding, groundbreaking, authentic and inspiring examples of storytelling with noble aims and causes. A relation to our designated theme (changes each year) is preferable, but not a must.

In 2023 EthnoKino Film Festival's designated theme is "Resilient". We are particularly interested in films exploring how human beings around the world interpret and manifest resilience. The various ways they resist, disobey and practice strength and hope in the face of adversity, challenges and injustices. In a world of immense interactions, global technology advancements, accompanied by unprecedented movements, colonialism, climate change, war and conflicts we will look into inspiring stories addressing the world’s biggest problems and as well as those providing solutions to planetary challenges. From forcefully displaced populations to those who are born strangers to their own communities, those change-makers who transform and transcend the societies they are part of; through social initiatives, educational projects , co-creative engagements of art and poetry , and other interventions, we will explore what resilience mean in its full humanity and wholeness.

Overall Rating
  • Words can not express how wonderful this festival and its organizers are. A unique and marvellous cultural and audiovisual experience!

    October 2022