Eros Film Festival, Lisbon's Erotic Film Festival, is the only portuguese festival exclusively dedicated to erotic film screenings.

It is our goal to programme the most relevant titles, aesthetically and narrative wise, made worldwide and to provide our audience full access to a number of films whose accessibility can be very restricted.

We want to revisit erotic film in the history of Cinema. Although it does not correspond to a recent vanguard, it is a genre that sees emerging a new film language that points to new negotiations of subjectivities linked to sexual identities and gender.

Eros Film Festival aims to present Erotic Cinema in Portugal and bring to Lisbon several film artists and professionals as well as to encourage theoretical thoughts around its theme and concept.

The first edition will take place between 4 and 14 February 2016.

Eros Film Festival includes in its official programme two international competitive sections for films completed after January 2014 competing for best feature and short films.

These will be handed by the jury members to the winners (director or producer) present at the festival.

1. FilmFreeway is the only way to submit your film to Eros Film Festival. The submitted films should be spoken or subtitled in one of the two official festival languages: portuguese or english;

2. Your submission will be valid if it's a portuguese premiere, without any planned screenings before the festival's dates;

3. Producers and directors may submit more than one title;

4. The person or entity who submits the film, is the sole and absolute responsible to obtain all the necessary documents in regards to copyrights or any other document required for the film screening;

5. If the person or entity does not follow all the rules & guidelines, the submitted film won't be considered for the competition;

6. Deadline: We'll accept submissions by November 2, 2015. Only submissions via within the deadline will be considered;

7. There is NO submission FEE. Zero, nada, niente...

Selection Process:
1. Each competition will have (at least) 5 films in competition.

2. The official selection for both competitions will be announced by January 4, 2016.

3. If your film is selected, the following items will be requested:
a) Final film;
b) Synopsis and credits list;
d) Festivals and awards list;
e) At least 3 HQ film stills;
f) 1 HQ portrait from the director;
g) Director's biography;
h) All the available promotional materials (posters, postcards, EPK, trailer and others).

4. It is mandatory to send the english dialogue list, by January 14, 2016, in order to be used or translated for electronic subtitling.

5. The screening film should arrive in our head quarters by January 20, 2016.

6. The screening film must respect the following:

6.1 Image
a) Projection format available: 35 mm, DCP, Bluray.

6.2 Subtitles
a) All screening films must be subtitled in one of the festival's official languages: portuguese or english;
b) The festival will be responsible for the electronic subtitles in portuguese;
c) The english subtitles are a responsibility from the submitters.

7. The insurance of the films selected for the official competition will be in charge of Eros Film Festival, from the moment we receive them till the moment they're delivered back.

8. Eros Film Festival is in charge to release a press announcement with the official selection.

9. No film can be removed from the official programme after its official announcement.

10. In regards to shipping costs, the screening films must be paid by the sender. The festival only covers the cost to <u>return</u> the films.

11. From the moment the programme is announced till the last day of the festival, the selected films can't be screened publicly (theaters, online or TV) in Portugal.

The jury who will evaluate the feature and short films will be formed by three members of recognized merit.

Submitting your film, implies the acceptance of these guidelines. The Festival Management reserves the right to make decisions regarding all matters which may not have been covered by these Rules & Guidelines.