Epic ACG fest is a unique event showcase animation, comics and games. Though screening, exhibition and competition, bring together the creative elements, the artists and the general public from worldwide.
During the festival, EACG is also hosting the Live Demonstrations, Networking Receptions, Master Workshops, Panel Discussions, Business Symposiums, Recruiting and the Professional Exhibits offered throughout the event as well as the One-On-One Personal Consultations with creative professionals from top studios and educational institutions both local and international. The Award ceremony is a red carpet event that provides recognitions and great memories.

Epic ACG fest will screening animations from worldwide
Animation is an ever-changing art form; advancements in technology have led to expansiveness in design capabilities. EACGF mission is to promote the art of animation in all forms, to encourage young animators, film-makers, artists and general public, to cultivate the interest in the animation culture.

Best Animation
Individual Achievement in Directing
Best Animation made by Kids
Best Animated TV Series
Best Animated Comedy
Best Voice-Over Performance
Best Character Design
Best Music Score
Best Comic Series
Best Cosplay
Best Photography
Best Screenplay

• Animated Production must have a completion date of Jan 1, 2017 or later.
• Acceptable NTSC exhibition formats are: DVD, Blue ray, Digital Video File (minimum resolution 1280 x 720).
• All non-English language films must have legible English language subtitles.
• Animated Productions accepted into the festival must arrive with shipping and customs duties or taxes pre-paid.
• You may submit a completed paper submission form.

Entries received late or incomplete may be disqualified.
• The action of the film should be animation or at least 50% animation involved and the stories should be culturally authentic, timely, and of universal appeal.
• Film content should be creative, highly original, and demonstrate artistic and technical mastery.
•Experiment/Mix-Media means animation using other forms of expression including Claymation, puppetry, etch-a-sketch, etc., as well as those using more than one technique. Also includes projects combining Live Action and Animation, however animation must be at least 50% of the finished project
Criteria for non-acceptance of productions into the festival include:
• Content that advocates and supports racial, cultural, religious, or gender bias.
• Any submission not subtitled or dubbed into the English language.
Entrants are responsible for obtaining any necessary licenses, royalties, release forms, clearances, and permits necessary to present their work. Epic ACG Fest is not responsible for any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, or royalty infringement related to the work.
Every precaution will be taken to safeguard all materials sent to the Festival, but the Festival is not responsible for damage to submitted materials incurred by shipping to or from the Festival.
Stated submitter will be considered the contact person for the film and thus will be the only one receiving emails and information regarding the status of the film's acceptance in the festival.

Epic ACG Fest-Animation is a competitive Festival. Animated productions accepted are automatically eligible for the applicable competition category. There are three age groups: Children ( age 6-14); Youth ( age 15-18); Adult: age 18+ ; under each age group, there are categories in Film, TV and Music Video, also classified in Animation ( feature and short); Mix-media ( feature and short); Education ( feature and short). In addition to all official selections being eligible for Jury, Audience and Festival Honors awards, a jury comprised of filmmakers and Animators (both young and adult) and industry representatives will screen all competition finalists, deliberate and announce the results at the end of the Festival.

Applicants will be notified around Oct.7, 2019 as to whether or not their production has been officially selected. Upon acceptance, you will receive an email verifying your acceptance. Be sure to have info@EACGfest.org on your accepted email list.

Overall Rating
  • Maybe not the biggest festival in the world, but lovely, helpful staff made participating in this event a joy at every stage, I was unable to attend due to geographic constraints, but it looks as though it would have been a lot of fun.

    November 2017
  • The communication was great, I’m glad to hear that the events were successful and fun, even though I could not attend. I received a nice digital certificate and there is plenty information and event coverage online.

    December 2016