- Short films about energy and sustainable future
with the length from 22 seconds to 22 minutes
(any genre, i.e. fiction, documentary, animation, music video, experimental)

Theme & Keywords
- Thoughts and imaginations related to energy
- Rethinking about the value of energy and a sustainable future in the era of climate crisis
- What to choose and use? Energy resources, supply and consumption
- To save is to produce! How to save or make good use of energy in daily life
- Renewable energy from the nature and energy transformation
- Consumer to generator? Local and community energy
- My energy plan to go carbon neutral
- Saving earth for all: Energy and sustainability

Submission : https://filmfreeway.com/EnergyFilmFestival
Submission Deadline : July 19, 2022
Winner Notification : August 17, 2022

Award-winning films will be screened online at Korea NGO’s Energy Network YouTube channel. Screenings will be held from late August and detailed schedules will be announced later.

Organized by Korea NGO’s Energy Network
Hosted by
Korean Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), Korea Gas Corporation
Sponsored by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Ministry of Environment, Korea Forest Service

※ EFFO2021 Winners : https://url.kr/fp3yca

Future of Energy (Grand Prize) : 1,500,000 KRW
Star of Energy (Excellence Award) : 1,000,000 KRW for 2 films each
Energy Citizen Award : 300,000 KRW for 5 films each

1. Screening
- The award-winning films will be posted and screened on online promotional platforms of the EFFO hosts and organizers after the winner notification. Details and conditions such as screening period will be discussed before screening for agreement with the copyright holders.
- If the copyright holders agree, submitted films that fit the purpose of the festival can be selected for screening to be posted and screened on the promotional platforms of the EFFO hosts and organizers.
- With the agreement of copyright holders, the award-winning films and selected films may be used for future screenings and education.

2. Language
The films selected for screening will be screened in their original version. English subtitles are required for non-Korean language films for translation.

3. Publicity
All materials of selected films submitted to EFFO may be used for publicity and promotional purposes. EFFO reserves the right to use excerpts from the films, up to 10 % of the film running time.

4. Archiving
The materials of selected films and screening copies will be kept in the EFFO archive for promotion, research, educational purposes and non-profit use only.

5. Copyright
Entrants are responsible for all copyright clearances for the materials included within the submitted film. EFFO will not be held responsible for any disputes or damages related to the copyright infringement of the submitted film. In principle, even after winner notification, the award shall be canceled in the event of plagiarism, imitation, copyright infringement or violation, and the prize money shall be refunded.

6. Force Majeure
In the event of a natural disaster or social crisis, changes may occur, and related matters may be carried out in consultation with the entrant.

7. Agreement
These regulations are considered valid upon submission of the entry form to EFFO. EFFO reserves the right to make an independent decision on any matter not enumerated in the above regulations.

문의사항 Contact.
Email. energyfilmfestival@gmail.com