The End of Days Film Festival showcases short action, sci-fi, horror, drama, and comedy films portraying an imminent threat to an individual, society, or the world. We love apocalyptic themed movies but are open to everything as long as it had a good story line! Submissions must be less than 25 minutes and produced within the past 3 years. Read the official rules for the 2019 festival

Best Film
Best Film Runner Up
Best Apocalyptic Film
Best Apocalyptic Film Runner Up
Best Drama
Best Apocalyptic Drama
Best Comedy
Best Apocalyptic Comedy
Best Action
Best Apocalyptic Action
Best SciFi
Best Apocalyptic SciFi
Best Horror
Best Apocalyptic Horror
Best Music Video
Best Apocalyptic Music Video
Best Male Actor
Best Supporting Male Actor
Best Female Actor
Best Supporting Female Actor
Best Ensemble Cast
Best Visual Effects
Best Animation
Best Practical Special Effects
Best Cinematography
Best Screenwriting
Best Director

Best Student Film
Best Student Film Runner Up
Best Student Film Third Place
Best International Student Film
Best International Student Film Runner Up
Best International Student Film Third Place
Best Apocalyptic Student Film

All official entries must be submitted through FilmFreeway. The EOD Film Festival does not accept films any other way. All notifications regarding the submitted films will be through the FilmFreeway website. Films must be less than 25 minutes in length. We do not accept feature length films. All films must have been made less than 3 years prior to the festival screening date. Non-English works are accepted. However, the film must have English subtitles. Any non-English film submitted without subtitles will be disqualified. Student films are accepted and will be judged in a category of their own.

The End of Days Film Festival has six submission categories
Action, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Horror, Comedy, Drama, and Student Film (any genre)


Judges will review all the films submitted to the End of Days Film Festival. After a thorough review, EOD staff will accept films that meet the End of Days Film Festival standards. Filmmakers will be notified of their films acceptance status via Filmfreeway.

Accepted films will then be reviewed and nominated for awards. Filmmakers will be notified by EOD staff of their nomination. Winners will then be chosen and announced. Award laurels and digital certificates will be given to all winning films.

Films chosen for screening will be downloaded from FilmFreeway website. They will be screened in the format you uploaded to the FilmFreeway website. If your film is screened, you will have an opportunity to provide EOD with an updated version of the film.

The End of Days Film Festival Organizers may add to or amend these rules at any time without notice.

Overall Rating
  • David Briggs

    An awesome fest with great organization and communication. We just wish that we could have been there! But we were lucky enough to have some friends in the area, and they said it was amazing! Keep up the great work, everyone!

    October 2018
    Response from festival:

    Thanks for the support David! We appreciate the kind words. Hopefully you can join us in the future!

  • didn't make the event, but their online presence and films seems awesome. Well promoted.

    October 2018
    Response from festival:

    Excellent. Thank you Francesco. We wish you the best on your future film endeavors.

  • Dave Borges

    Great festival for our film to debut at! Trent and the team ay End of Days Film Festival are on point with every aspect of the festival and have great communication. I was not able to attend but I heard personally for several who were able and couldn't be prouder to have been apart of this great festival.

    August 2018
    Response from festival:

    Thanks Dave! We're excited to have your film in the festival. Best of luck on the festival circuit!

  • An awesome concept for a film festival that our two films fit perfectly in, thank you for allowing us to be a part of it and look forward to an even bigger festival next year!

    July 2018
    Response from festival:

    Yes! Thank you for submitting. We love apocalyptic themed films! Bring 'em!

  • Love this idea for a film festival!! Great communication! Thanks !!

    July 2018
    Response from festival:

    Thanks Jim. We're here to help you showcase your work!