EN OFF FILM FESTIVAL is an international fiction, animation and documentary short-film festival. The program’s selection process follows a set of artistic and technical criteria.

The festival is divided into the following sections:

- OVC Section (Original Version in Catalan)
Short films in original version in Catalan with English or Spanish subtitles.

- International Section
Short films whose original version is in any language except Catalan, with English or Spanish subtitles.

- Music Video Section
In any language and/or format. Subtitles are not compulsory.

- Mini Short-Film Section
Short films with a maximum duration of 5 minutes.

Online interviews and/or seminars will be held with some selected ones who have sent their short films to the festival. Short films directors are the future of cinema and the main objective of En OFF film festival is to promote them.

EN OFF FILM FESTIVAL is open to all original short films produced in 2020 or later. A short film shall be considered original if it hasn’t been selected previously for the festival and if there is no public and open version of it available on the Internet, with the exception of mini short films and music videos.

The final deadline for submissions is the 31st of July 2023.


The October 7th 2023 selected short films will be screened in the different sections at LA MERCANTIL DE BALAGUER. The awards will be announced on the same day.
The festival’s organization committee reserves the right to modify the screening venue as a result of the epidemiological circumstances present at the time, or as a result of the amount of public interest generated in the program.