A screening night which seeks to present films for Emerging Film Makers.

Films are not chosen based on production quality, but by the unique ways the Film Makers tell their stories.

Emerging Films Festivals are not driven by the perfection of the technical aspects of film making, and hopes to seek out extraordinary story tellers with unique ways of presenting a visual narrative.

Gold Awards
• Best Characters
• Best Plot
• Most Interesting Theme
• Most Believable Setting
• Most Imaginative Conflict

Silver Awards
• Sponsors Choice
• Judges Choice
• Audience Choice

The Judging Criteria is as Follows
• Do the characters have depth?
• Is the story intriguing?
• Does the subject matter benefit the plot line?
• Are the locations supportive to the narrative?
• Is their sufficient plausible tension?

*The Gold and Silver Awards may be presented for either a film or a script.

Bronze Award
Either the Director and/or Producer of all screened films may apply for a Film Makers choice Certificate of excellence to be presented to one of the cast or crew members who worked on their film.

• Either the writer, producer and/or the director of the film must be under the age of 25, or within there 1st two years of tertiary education.

• Films may also be entered if the production of the film was completed while studying some form of media within a tertiary educational course.

• Exceptions to the above rules are only for short films that have been entirely shot prior to 2016.

• The short must have been partially filmed, animated or produced within Canberra.

• Submitted films cannot have been screened at a Theatre or accepted by another Festival.

*Exceptions can be made to films that have been extensively modified since their last screening.

If you are unsure if your film meets the criteria, please email us. emergingfilms@protonmail.com