Emerge Film Festival is a non-profit incorporated in the state of Maine in 2014. The Emerge Film Festival brings a diverse selection of Maine-made, national and international films to the L/A area in the categories of documentary, short and feature length films. Emerge helps promote the motion picture arts to local and regional audiences, offers networking opportunities at the Festival’s various events and attracts visitors to the L/A community and the State of Maine.

Best Director
Best Maine Film
Best Documentary
Best Feature
Best Short
Best Emerging Filmmaker (Student)
Best in Festival

1. Your film must be available to be screened during the festival dates, October 3-5 2019.

2. While we would love to be able to grant waivers for all submissions and completely empathize with the often exorbitant costs of filmmaking and promoting your film on the festival circuit, we are a non-profit institution and have to maintain our financial stability as well. Thus, we are committed to keeping submission costs low and affordable to all filmmakers.

3. Our Emerging Filmmaker program is designed to help the next generation filmmakers by offering education and networking opportunities throughout the festival. For this reason, your attendance is encouraged.

4. All submission fees are non-refundable

Overall Rating
  • It was a great experience. Everyone was very professional and our film got a lot of exposure. Thank you so much.

    September 2020
  • Michael Sellers

    Lewiston and Auburn are sleepy little towns but the locals here seem to wake up when the festival hits the streets. I had lots of fun and this festival has the potential to grow even more.

    October 2019
  • Igor Rados

    Cool festival. Excellent communication. Happy to had my film there.

    October 2019
  • Frictive Pictures

    The Emerge Film Festival is one of our favourites. We have been lucky enough to attend twice now and hope to continue this trend in the future. The organizers do an impeccable job of selecting engaging films and garnering participation from the community. We would highly recommend this festival to filmmakers and film fans alike.

    May 2018
  • Ryan Simmons

    I wasn't able to attend, unfortunately, but the communication was great before and after the film. They really seem to be doing it right at this festival! Excited to share future work with them!

    May 2018