The Egyptian American Film Festival “EAFF” ( For Cinema and Arts) is an annual event held in New York City.
The first edition was held in November 2021 at San Francis College over three days, with the participation of 11 countries in a variety of films, including feature films, short films, and documentaries.
40 films were screened over the three days of the festival.
The Egyptian American Film Festival “EAFF” ( For Cinema and Arts) was founded with the main goal of linking science with art by selecting outstanding scientific figures from around the world who have contributed to humanity.
The festival was also held in American universities, in confirmation of the importance of science in serving art.
In the first edition, artists were honored for their artistic value and their message to the peoples. The second edition was held in 2022 from 4 to 6 November in three American universities: New York University, Middlesex University, and City Tech College, with the participation of 22 countries in five different sections of the competitions: long movies, short movies , documentaries, mobile cinema movies , and student movies(graduates of universities and film and media institutes).

The Egyptian American Film Festival “EAFF” ( For Cinema and Arts) has idealistic goals that are linked to reality, including supporting creativity and innovators, encouraging filmmakers and talented people, opening communication channels between artists and innovators, adopting social and humanitarian issues, and setting up art workshops in acting, directing, music, and screenplay writing.
The result of this was the adoption of many talents, where in the opening and closing ceremonies of this edition, many singing, acting, and musical talents were presented, which were praised by the audience and the various media.

We believe that art and culture are the main engine of the renaissance of peoples.
The Egyptian American Film Festival “EAFF” ( For Cinema and Arts) has allocated a special section for American cinema, which sheds light on the history of cinema, its most important representatives and pioneers, and the most important issues it has adopted.
The Egyptian American Film Festival “EAFF” ( For Cinema and Arts) opens the doors of dialogue and exchange of ideas and cultures between peoples.
The Egyptian American Film Festival “EAFF” ( For Cinema and Arts) has also allocated a section called the “Panorama of Egyptian and Arab Cinema” , which displays the most important films in the history of cinema.

In addition, a cinema club in Egypt and a cinema club in New York were established to screen the films of the participants and the classics of world cinema throughout the year.
An association called EAFF was also founded, which includes all filmmakers, innovators, and directors to help each other , as we believe that one hand can’t clap.

Over two consecutive editions, 30 awards have been awarded to our young creators from different countries around the world.
The award categories are as follows:
* Best film
* Special Jury Prize
* Best Director
* Best Screenplay
* Best Actor
* Best Actress
* Best soundtrack
* Best Directorial Debut
We are proud to support the next generation of filmmakers and artists, and we hope that these awards will help them to continue to create great work.

Terms and Conditions :-
* We welcome the participation of all creators without any condition or restriction.

General Rules :-

* The festival is open to Egyptian, Arab, and international films in all languages.

* All participants in the festival are required to fill out the application form on the official festival website.

* The festival accepts films in their original DCP or BLUE RAY format.

* Films submitted in Arabic or English must be translated into one of the two languages.

* Any advertisements or notifications that may be inside the works submitted to the competitions must be deleted before sending them.

* The submitted films will not be returned and will be kept in the festival library for research, documentation, and educational purposes only.

* A DVD copy of the film with promotional materials, as described in the following clause, is sent with the application form.

Required Elements :-
* Upload the film according to the previous conditions.
* A trailer for the film is required, lasting about 30 to 45 seconds.
* A technical concept for a poster for the film is required, such as posters that are internationally and locally recognized in this field, in A4 size.
* The making & material of the film is required, lasting from three to five minutes.

Promotional Materials :-
The promotional materials required for the film include:
* A summary of the film in English.
* Information about the director of the film and the most important artists and technicians involved in it.
* The film's press or promotional booklet.
* Press photos as an electronic copy on a CD.
* Photos of the film to be used in the entrances of theaters, Size 20 x 25 cm.
* Posters size 70 x 100 cm.
* Television excerpts lasting a maximum of 3 minutes (the trailer).

* The festival does not pay any fees or costs to the participants for the screening of their films.

* The festival management has the right to accept or reject any work without giving reasons.

* The festival management does not accept any participation after the end of the deadline for receiving and accepting films.

* The festival accepts long films, short films, documentary and mobile cinema films .

* For mobile cinema films competition section, the festival only accepts films shot using a (smartphone) or Tablets of any type or model and the maximum duration of the film does not exceed 3 minutes and there is no minimum duration (provided that it is not less than 60 seconds).

* The participant must specify the type of device he used for shooting during filling in the competition data on the official website of the festival.

* Filmmakers are allowed to use any editing technique, either on their mobile phone or on a computer.

* The film maker must submit the film with RAW Material shots without being exposed to any editing, coloring or change in the extension of the shot.

* All social topics are allowed, but the festival management has the right to exclude films with a religious, political or unethical orientation.

* The festival reserves the right to exclude any film that exceeds the allowed duration or contains technical problems in the sound and image that hinder its screening at the festival, or if it contains offensive or racist material or contrary to customs, or any films that are not related to the festival or films that have participated in previous festivals in Egypt.

* The submitted films will be viewed by a specialized committee to select films to ensure that they meet the conditions and rules of the festival and the rules for selecting films to participate in the festival competition.

* The films participating in the various sections of the festival are selected by committees for viewing and selection formed by the festival management, from critics and filmmakers.

* By participating the film to the festival management, the film maker grants the festival management the right to upload it and use it for display to the jury, as well as using parts of the film in the festival's advertisements and on the festival's official website, and otherwise all rights to the film remain reserved to the producer / director of the film.

* It is not permissible to infringe the rights of others by using music or clips from other works.

* It is permissible for 10% of the film to have cartoon or 3D clips made by the director of the work or otherwise, other than clips that can be purchased or quoted, is prohibited.

* The organizing authority of the festival has the right to interpret the regulations, and to make decisions that have not been covered by the regulations, with the right to make the necessary exceptions to serve the festival and develop it after it is announced.

* No film will be allowed to be withdrawn from the festival program during its period or shown outside the designated screening venues for the festival.

* The festival management grants a certificate of participation to the director of each film that was screened in it