The Earth Futures Festival is an exciting new international film and video event showcasing how our scientific understanding and long-lived cultural knowledge of the Earth provide solutions to pressing global challenges - from climate change, the management of our natural resources (water, minerals, energy, soils), transitions to cleaner energy, mitigation of the risks from natural hazards to building sustainable cities.

The Festival is in collaboration with the UNESCO International Geoscience Program and supported by the International Union of Geological Sciences, representing over a million geoscientists across the world.

The main events takes place in September and October 2022 with in-person screening and awards events in New York, Paris (UNESCO Headquarters) and Sydney. Dates and times of the in person events are subject to pandemic regulations and will be confirmed shortly.

We welcome videos and films from school students with an amazing story to tell about the landscape of their local area, geoscientists wanting to share their research with the world and film-makers with an amazing vision. Even a poet or dancer who wants to express their connection to the Earth, through film is welcome to enter.

The Earth Futures Festival is focused on education, diversity and inclusion. The festival is looking for submissions from, but not limited to, film-makers, geoscientists, community groups, students and First Nations peoples to submit 90-second to 90-minute works in video format on the festival’s themes of Dynamic Earth, Future Earth and Human Connection.

Earth Futures Festival connects geoscience and the arts raising international awareness of the role Earth Science plays in building our sustainable future.

Header Photo Credit: Katarzyna Gonsior

Theme Awards:
Best Picture Dynamic Earth
Best Picture Future Earth
Best Picture Human Connection

Media professionals
Geoscience professionals
University and vocational students
Primary and high school students
Women in geoscience
Indigenous/First Nations
There will also be a People’s Choice award

2022 Earth Futures Festival Terms and Conditions of Entry

The Earth Futures Festival (the Festival / EFF) is operated by Earth Futures Pty Ltd (Earth Futures). The Festival is free to enter and open to any person that fulfils the age and consent requirements. Please read these guidelines and Terms and Conditions carefully. Your film should meet all the acceptance criteria listed in the Terms and Conditions and you must agree to these Terms and Conditions when submitting your film. If you have a query or further information please take a look at our FAQs on the Festival website or contact us at

Entry Rules
All filmmakers must adhere to the following:
· Entries must be submitted through our on-line submission platform at via
· Entries must between 90 seconds and 90 minutes (including titles and credits).
· Entries must be uploaded to YouTube as unlisted videos, with the YouTube link and password (if relevant for viewing) provided during submission or uploaded directly to FilmFreeway.
· It is the responsibility of the entrant to ensure all submission information is included and to update the Festival team of any changes of address or contact details post submission via email to
· All films must be subtitled in English or be narrated in English if it features dialogue in a language other than English.
· All entries must be fully completed works (not works in progress).
· Entries must select the category that fits the majority of the group involved in making the film.
· Entries must specify during submission which Theme they have focused on.
· Confirmation of receipt of entry will be emailed.
· Earth Futures Pty Ltd accepts no responsibility for entries lost, damaged, delayed, unusable, unreadable or not received for any reason.
· All entrants (other than those in the Media Professionals category) please note any professional help you have received in the making of your video in the submission form.
· All entries must be submitted by 11:59 PM, 15 May 2022 Coordinated Universal Time. The Earth Futures Festival is unable to extend the deadline.

Age Requirements
· If you are considered a minor where you live (generally under 18 years of age) and you submit an entry to the Festival you are confirming that you have received your parent’s/guardian’s consent to do so and that your parent/guardian has:
i) read and, on your behalf, agrees to be bound by this agreement and
ii) understands, agrees and shall be fully responsible for your submission

Judging and Selection
1. A Film Review Panel will be selected by the Festival, and this panel shall decide which entries make it to the final judging round. These films will be the shortlisted Finalist Films.
2. Entrants will be notified by email whether their video or film has been selected as a Finalist Film no later than 24 August 2022.
3. A Judging Panel will be selected by the Festival to select the award winners from the Finalist Films.
4. The People’s Choice award will be decided by online public poll from the Finalist Films. The Finalist Film with the highest number of votes at the closing date of voting will win the award.
5. All decisions made in relation to winners of each category will be final and not subject to discussion or review.
6. All Finalist Films will be screened online by free VOD under the EFF banner in August-October 2022. This excludes films produced for commercial distribution which will only be screened at the live events.
7. A selection of Finalist films will be selected to screen at on ground screening events in Sydney, New York and Paris.
8. Finalist Films will need to provide access to the original source file and/or YouTube link and supply the Festival with a 1 to 3-minute clip for screening at the Festival award event and online.
9. By submitting your film for the Festival you are agreeing it can be screened at all of the above.
10. If selected, entrants agree and understand, that their film shall screen in either, a live festival event and/or our online festival content that utilises VOD.
11. The jury’s decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
12. Only one prize or trophy will be produced per award category – if a winning production(s) is a group entry, the group will have to split or share their prize.
13. Films other than the Finalist Films may be selected to feature within the Festival, either at screening events or online. By submitting your film to the Festival you agree to these conditions and will provide source files and/or YouTube link as requested for this purpose.

Copyright and Permissions
· The Artist(s) will retain copyright of their work.
· By submitting your entry to the Festival you confirm that you have full copyright and obtained all releases necessary for the public exhibition of your work including internet, for all people featured in your work, as well as for any music, locations and other work that you may have incorporated into the work, or appear in it.
· In the case of student works, you must ensure you have obtained written permission from students and/or their parents to use their image in your films. By submitting your entry to the festival you confirm you have received all required written permissions.
· Earth Futures Pty Ltd will not be held responsible for any breach of copyright or permissions arising from any entries submitted.

Promotional Use
Entrants shall allow clips or images from their works, to be reproduced by radio, newspaper, television and online for promotional purposes.

Withdrawal from Festival
Entrants wishing to withdraw from the Earth Futures Festival must inform the Festival in writing before 15 May 2022 by contacting the EFF team at

Entry Statement
By submitting an entry in the Festival, you declare your understanding, compliance and acceptance of all terms included in this application.
You agree that you will not submit any content that is defamatory, indecent, obscene, sexually, racially, culturally or ethnically offensive, threating, hateful, discriminatory or abusive. You also agree you will not submit any content for commercial or business purposes to ensure it does not affect Earth Futures Pty Ltd ability to gain support from third parties. Earth Futures Pty Ltd reserves the right to delete or reject or remove any content that in its sole discretion deems is in violation of any of the terms and conditions of this agreement. No correspondence and discussion will be entered in to.
By entering the Earth Futures Festival each entrant agrees to indemnify the Earth Futures Festival and Earth Futures Pty Ltd against all loss, damage, costs (including legal costs) or liability whatsoever arising out of or in connection with the entrant’s breach of these terms and conditions.

Copyright release
I grant permission for the video or film entered to be viewed for judging and included in the Earth Futures Festival program.
I understand that my film may be made available online for general public viewing via or other platforms and may be selected for community screenings in various locations and featured at the awards event.
The Earth Futures Festival holds non-exclusive rights to your video or film and you are permitted to have your film entered into other festivals while it is an entrant in the Earth Futures Festival.
I give permission for online screening of my work by Earth Futures Festival for a license period of 12 months.

I declare that :
· I have the authority to convey that all copyright and permissions necessary are secured.
· the exhibition of this work will not violate or infringe upon the rights of any person, firm or corporation.
· I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of Entry, and give permission for the Earth Futures Festival to transfer sections from the above titled production for use as required in relation to the Festival for screening and promotional purposes.
· I am over the age of 18 or, if not, an authorised adult has completed this form on my behalf.

This Agreement is governed by the laws of New South Wales, Australia.