The Pavia EX|ART FILM FESTIVAL 2018 competition notice is ready. The competition aims to connect young Italian and foreign filmmakers with representatives of the contemporary cultural and artistic scene operating within the spheres of cinema, theatre, performance, dance, music and arts, therefore promoting new forms of interaction between artistic and cultural productions and creators who employ video content in order to describe and preserve the contemporary artistic memory.
The Ex|Art Film Festival is part of the activities related to the International Summer School “The Safekeeping of Memory. The Telling of Contemporary Artistic Experience” – II Edition (University of Pavia, 24th - 28th September 2018). During the Festival the selected video projects will be presented to the public and will be discussed with international scholars and artists throughout meeting occasions scheduled by the School.

Winner of Luciano Emmer Section: 1000 euros (1100 dollars);
Winner of Casey Neistat Section: 500 euros (550 dollars).

The competition notice is aimed at:
1.1. Filmmakers residing in Italy or abroad who are of the age 18 and up; on the contrary, a consent form signed by a legal guardian will be necessary.
1.2. Production companies with a registered office located in Italy or abroad and mostly operating in audio-visual content production.
1.3. Non-profit cultural associations with a registered office located in Italy or abroad.

Videos entered must last no longer than 60 minutes. They must record an artistic experience (cinema, theatre, performance, dance, music, exhibition/installation) highlighting the unicity of its material and symbolic value. Videos can focus on:
2.1.1. the creative path of an author/artist, considering both as just a single piece of work or an overall artistic profile (bio-telling);
2.1.2. the ideation and the elaboration of an artistic experience, that is a documentation of or a testimony to the creation process (making of);
2.1.3. the presentation of the work and the public participation at the event (live artwork);
2.1.4. the online sharing of the artistic experience, promoted by the use of sharing platforms (streaming art experience).
A special section is dedicated to videos that must last no longer than 15 minutes and must be focused on the development of a visual language which is compatible with all portable devices and can be viewed on the Web. Video projects must be shot:
2.2.1. with user-friendly technologies, such as a videocamera, smartphone, Go Pro, etc.;
2.2.2. with a view to operating as the “pilot” for a thematic YouTube channel;
2.2.3. as a whole and not as a trailer, videoclip or promotional ad.

3.1. Registration for the first edition of the Ex|Art Film Festival will be open from 9th April to 11th June 2018.
3.2. Registration must be done online, choosing one of the following:
i) downloading and completing the entry form available from http://sezionespettacolo.unipv.eu/, including a brief synopsis, a brief bio of the author, the link to the video and a possible password, and sending it to selfmedialab@gmail.com;
ii) via the web platform www.filmfreeway.com;
regardless of registration method, videos not shot in either Italian or English must be subtitled in one of these languages.
3.3. Videos can have been previously presented in other competitions, but they must not have been shot before 2014.
3.4. In order to take part in the competition, filmmakers, cultural associations and production companies confirm they are owners of the rights of the video, and that the video submitted to the competition is original, and does not violate any third party agreement: therefore the Festival is considered not responsible for any such dispute.
3.5. Participants may submit more than one video, but each video can only be entered in one category. Independently of the recorded artistic experience, the four categories for the competition are:
The Festival Scientific Committee will evaluate each project and it will express an unquestionable judgment regarding the possibility of changing category.

Videos will be shown in various files and data storage devices, including DCP, file and Blu Ray.
Accommodation costs for the authors of the selected videos will be covered by the Festival for the night in which their video will be shown.

Overall Rating
  • Badri skhirtladze

    i am very happy with it

    October 2018
  • Great Festival, enchanting location and a great selection of |ART movies. Email and phone communication always on time,
    great care and hospitality for all filmmakers. EX|ART Film Festival is an excellent network opportunity for filmmakers from all over the world. Thanks to all the EX|ART Staff the City and the University of Pavia! Bravi!

    October 2018
  • I was fortunate to be able to attend this festival and I can't praise it too much. The organisers have the highest of standards in their ambitions for the festival, choice of films and in their conduct as hosts. You will see great films, meet brilliant filmmakers and experience the warmest of Italian hospitality. Thank you to all the people who made the festival possible.

    September 2018