ESCENA. Oslo Ibero-amerikanske filmdager is a platform for cultural exchange between Norway and the Ibero-American region.
The aim of the festival is to promote the interest in film from the Spanish and Portuguese speaking nations of Europe and the Americas and showcase the vibrant film expressions of these nations.

The films convey social, political, and historical aspects of this cultural context as well as the challenges currently facing the societies of the region. Even though these nations share a common cultural mainstream; they form a rich tapestry of diverse backgrounds that translate into their cinematic expression.

ESCENA also provides a gathering place and discussion forum for film enthusiasts, for those with roots in the region and others who have an interest in Ibero-America.

No awards.

Films must be produced by production companies in the Iberoamerican region, that means the Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries of Latinamerica, plus the European countries of Spain and Portugal.
There is no language requirement, but films in Spanish, Portuguese or any minority language in the region are preferred.