EMAP (Ewha Media Art Presentation) is an international video art festival founded in 2001 and the 10th EMAP will take place in May 2020. The competition invites everyone to show their own video works (a single channel media artwork) on our large-sized and open-air screens, at Ewha Woman's University campus garden in Seoul, Korea. Artists from all over the globe are welcome to participate and the entry is free.

Our society has changed its language as time has passed; from the language of text to the language of image. Human makes own gestures and dances to express emotion, and also makes own sound and music to express sensitivity. Even if we own different nationalities or languages, and in case we encounter other species, the very first communication is through our body movement and sound. The theme of our media art competition starts from here; possibility of communication through movement and sound. We will focus on the origin of language - body movement and sound for emotion and sensitivity - on our theme “Body and sound language in the era of empathy-loss”.

• Submit one (1) artwork per artist or a team
• Year of production: works produced after the 1st of January 2019
• Theme: Sympathy and Communication in the Age of Division (Sound and Movement for Sympathy)

For more information, please visit our website.

If you have any questions, please contact us via email:

• 5 works will be selected in each section, and total 10 works will be screened during EMAP 2020.
• Final selection of 1 EMAP Prize from 10 selected works
- Adobe Prize : 1,000,000 KRW (before-tax)
Private Exhibition at Roop Media Center
Invitation to the Festival with around air ticket & accommodation
(for only 1 artist/reside out of Korea)

[How to Submit Your Video]
• Link: https://forms.gle/FTzwi2czCLfkx2cQ7
• Please fill out this Google Form in regular step.
• You should submit us the original video file, still images, and CV via e-mail after submitting the Google Form.

1) Original video file
- Single Channel
- MP4 file
- The capacity of the work must not exceed 1GB.
- The video should include the copyright such as artist name, logo, or signature.

2) 1 or 2 still images
- JPG file or PNG file
- High resolution
- Still images will be used for marketing purposes.

3) CV
- Free-form
- Not necessary
- CV will be used only for gathering information, and not affect the screening process.

• Contact: ewhamediaarts@gmail.com
• Form of email subject: [Category / Artist name / Title]
• Please submit email within 1 week of submitting your application.
• You will receive the reply for your submission in 1 or 2 days. If you have not received it, please contact via email.
• If the email is not submitted, the validation will not be passed and the participation will be automatically canceled.

[Guidelines for Artists]
• If the film is not in Korean or in English, it must have Korean or English subtitles. Should the subtitles be missing when required, the film will automatically be excluded from the competition.
• All video related background music: When selecting as winner, the exhibitor must acquire the screening rights so that there is no problem in the use of copyright. You can also use your own song.
• No entry fee is required. EMAP does not commit to covering the travel costs for artists except for the EMAP 2020 Adobe Prize winner.