EMAKIMONO - Japanese Film Series*

On the 20th of May, the state capital of Dusseldorf, which offers one of the largest Japanese locations in Europe, will celebrate the 16th anniversary of the JAPAN DAY. On this occasion, the Filmmuseum Düsseldorf is delighted to present the diversity of Japanese culture in the cinema Black Box. Together with the Japanese curator Hiroko Kimura-Myokam and the Japanese film director Shinpei Takeda, we want to present a young and exciting japanese Filmprogramme.
It is a good opportunity for every visitor of the city to immerse into the Japanese culture. We guarantee a diversified round trip through the land of the rising sun and look forward to your visit.

The focus is on young, contemporary japanese cinema. (Co-production with TFF TheaterFilmFest gUG and Mary Jane Studios) Free Entry!

*The word Emakimono has been chosen for the name of the festival, since it means paper roll, and makes reference both to the origins of film itsself and the originis of the japanese comic called manga.