The festival tries to be a channel through which many different inspirational and educational stories about the mountains, athletes and mountain communities from all around the world - will "echo" in our own community, widening the understanding and knowledge on so many different topics and inspire creativity.

We strive to unite and inspire the fast growing, outdoors and mountain loving community in our country, by offering a wide selection of films on many different subjects that celebrate the coexistence of people and the mountains, we also organize lectures by guest speakers, filmmakers and athletes, publish books, organize competitions for best mountain photography and short video...

During EHO and the Film Festival Days in Skopje, let us drift from one rock face to another,
let us hear the sounds of waterfalls and birds, let us acquaint the plants, and learn the lessons that nature teaches us, brought to us through those magnificent movies, photographs, and presentations.

The official awards consist of an art work or a statue.

Special mention awards can be given by the Juries, also by EHO mountain film festival management

The 12th Eho Mountain Film Festival - EMFF will take place in Skopje, (The capital of Republic of north Macedonia) from the 13th to the 17th of September 2021, and it will be organised by the “” Association.

Submission to the International Festival is open to all creative and nonfictional Mountain, Adventure, Extreme Sports, Nature Films and Documentaries films of all running times connected with the festival promoted topics, style and production technologies. Official selection required, films to be completed and/or publicly screened after 1 January 2020 onward.

Films that have been previously publicly screened on Festivals and televised in Macedonia are not eligible for competition but still they can be screened at the festival in retrospective program.

EHO mountain film festival appoints an independent jury for all categories.

The official awards consist of an art work or a statue. Special mention awards can be given by the Juries, also by EHO mountain film festival management

The films can be submitted by directors, producers, distributors or national film authorities responsible for representing the films.

For the official Selection of the festival, the deadline for submissions to EHO mountain film festival is August 15th, 2021.
All submissions require English language subtitles, with exception of films with no dialog. To complete the submission, the EHO mountain film Festival requires a downloadable preview copy with a valid password until 31th of August 202.1

In case the applicant is not able to provide the Festival with an on‐line preview copy, copy of the film accompanied with a hard copy of the submitted entry form should be send to:
Aleksandar Zarapchiev, ul Prashka 11/2-47, 1000 Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia
Please mention: “No commercial value, for cultural purpose only” and “No value” or “Insurance value for custom purpose only 10 EUR”.

The DVDs will not be returned, except hard drive with DCP format or other format.

All submitted films (screeners) shall remain in the EHO mountain film festival archives and may be used for Festival and educational purposes. For any kind of public projection, permission from its authors will not be required. For easier storage, films can also be stored in a digital data base.
Not all films submitted at EHO mountain film festival Festival are selected and invited for screening by the Festival Selector.

Following materials will be required for all selected films:
‐High quality screening copy of the film in one of the following formats: DCP, HD formats: Blu Ray, HD DVD and HD H264 encoded QuickTime movie without integrated subtitles.
‐A brief synopsis (up to 50 words) and a long synopsis (up to 300 words)
‐Director’s biography/filmography
‐Director’s photography
‐A minimum of three film stills
‐A film poster in a digital format
‐A Trailer
‐Press and/or promotional materials (poster, leaflet and/or press dossier)
‐English srt file.
-The participants authorize the use of extracts from their work shown on television, cinema or Internet for the promotion of the Festival.

If any of the above are missing, the organizer has the right not to project the film, and to cancel the selected status of the film.

Due to the possibility of restrictions related to Covid at the time of the festival, the organizer reserves the possibility to change the dates and locations of the event, as well as to discuss the option of showing films that have such rights in online screening, with prior approval and agreement with submitter.

Films will be shown with Macedonian subtitles.

Overall Rating
  • Lucas Ratton

    We attended to the festival virtualy. Had a great time. Great experience.

    We hope we can be part of it again in the future!

    September 2021
  • Sonia Szczesna

    Attended the festival virtually, but it was a pleasure working with everyone at the fest!

    September 2021
  • Leigh Anne Sides

    We had a wonderful experience at the Eho Mountain Film Festival! Highly recommended!!

    September 2021
  • Mitja Legat

    Frequent and informative communication, great experience!

    October 2020
  • Great communication and perseverance in the face of the pandemic. Congratulations and hope to see you again.

    October 2020