The European Drone Film Festival is an international event that seeks to promote drone technology within the audiovisual world. It is an opportunity for filmmakers, photographers, and drone enthusiasts to showcase their work and connect with others in the industry.

The festival features a variety of competitions and awards, as well as workshops and talks by industry experts. There is also a live screening event in Barcelona where attendees can see the best of the festival's films. The festival is open to anyone who has created a film or video using drone technology.

Best film
Best documentary
Best fiction
Best technical shoot
Best dronie
Special prize of the public

- The Festival is open to all directors and producers of short films.
- The films must not exceed the time defined by the category
- Film must be at least a 2022 production.
- Foreign language films must be subtitled in English.

The jury will be composed of representatives from the arts and entertainment, film professionals, audiovisual and media. The prizes to be awarded to the winners of the Festival are in negotiation.. The films will be awarded in the following categories:
▪ The most beautiful shooting
▪ Taking the more technical view
▪ The best fiction
▪ The best documentary
▪ The best dronie
▪ The public prize

Overall Rating
  • Philipp Reimer

    Well organized event with quality content!

    April 2017
  • This festival is the ideal platform for filmmakers.
    Best communication and very friendly people behind the festival.
    Thanks for that.

    April 2017
  • Thank you for this festival!!

    March 2017
  • André Hope

    Great festival with an impressive communication before, under and after the festival. Hope to be able to attend next year.

    March 2017