ECG Film Festival (Eurasian Creative Guild Film Festival) is a platform for the development of cinema of the Eurasian region. The aim of the festival is to promote Eurasian cinema in the English-speaking space and to acquaint Eurasian representatives of the film industry with professionals from all over the world. To acquaint the world with the works that personify the connection of the Eurasian countries and peoples. Show opportunities for collaboration, joint development and growth.

Despite its infancy, The ECG Eurasian Film Festival 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 gathered over 350 films from 24 different countries! Every year during the five days of the film festival, more than 1,500 people visit and were shown films from diverse locations such as Kazakhstan, Russia, Italy, Finland, USA, Belarus, Sweden, Germany, Iran, Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Canada and the UK.

Romford Film Festival is a stable, well-established festival that is attended by a large number of experts and residents of London, this association is the surest solution for attracting the maximum amount of attention of the press, viewers and experts to the Eurasian cinema.

The festival will feature such works as feature films, short films, animated films, documentaries, book trailers, screenplays, mobile video and music clips.

For many years, the Eurasian Creative Guild has supported and promoted filmmakers as part of Open Eurasia contest. Where the “video film” category has been awarded the Nemat Kelimbetov Prize for the best film based on literary works. Now the time has come for a standout film festival promoting the Eurasia film industry, exemplify their talents and their works throughout the world!











BEST SCREENPLAY BASED ON THE BOOK OF KAZAT AKMATOV - "Thirteen Steps Towards The Fate of Erika Klaus"

Please be sure to read the terms and conditions before submitting your film:

-The ECG Film Festival accepts films from all over the world irrespective of length or genre, provided that the participant is a member of the Eurasian Creative Guild. This includes, but is not limited to: fiction, documentary and short films

-Feature submissions must not have previously been released in the UK on any format.

- All films in a language other than English must be subtitled or submitted with a script translated into English.

- Exploitation or pornographic films will not be accepted.

- The submitter has personal responsibility for the copyrights for the film screening

- A fine of £1,000 could be imposed if a film was withdrawn from the festival after its official announcement and inclusion in the film festival program.

- For screening, all films should be sent to the organizers of the film festival ONLY in DCP format one month before the official screening

- The Organizing Committee of the Film Festival does not pay fees for downloading / screening films

- Preparation for obtaining an English visa to attend the film festival should begin no later than 3 months before the official dates of the film festival

Submission format:
Films entered for selection must be submitted on-line only. PLEASE NOTE THAT ONLINE LINKS (OTHER THAN THE FilmFreeway ONLINE SCREENING PLATFORM) WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

The ECG Film Festival reserve the right to use any material provided to us for marketing purposes. By submitting your application to the competition you confirm your consent to the screening of the film during the meetings of the Guild members.

All enquiries on the above may be directed to

Applications for screening out-of-competition on a commercial basis are also accepted.

Any film submitted cannot withdraw for any circumstances once the film has reached us and been publicly announced.

Overall Rating
  • Tahir Ün

    Our documentary film, "Dream of Kaplan", was awarded with the honorable mention. It has been a valuable experience for us. Thank you.

    June 2022
  • In 2021, I won Best Mobile Video Award (Audience). They sent me only a certificate and told me there is no statuette . Then on social media, on their account I saw that they sent a statuette to someone else as “Best Mobile Video” Award :)). I asked “what’s going on”. They said me “Ahh the statuette is for main category. Your award was not for main category”. Then I checked on their website and saw they don’t have “Mobile Video Award” main category. :)) they are not professional and honest. Don’t spend your money for this festival. Best regards.

    October 2021
    Response from festival:

    Dear Beraat, thanks a lot for your feedback.

    We really appreciate your work. It is true, we do not award "Audience Choice" category with the statuettes. It is our additional category, where the winners receive only certificates.

    Statuettes we give to the categories where the winners have been chosen by judges, not audience choice.

    With best wishes,
    Eurasian Film Festival team

  • Thank you for this opportunity to be part of such a wonderful film festival. I am very happy about that.

    August 2021
  • Gang Zhao

    Great film festival, thank you very much for choosing my film. Thank you!

    July 2021
  • Zaure Turekhanova

    I was happy to join Eurasian Creative Guild Film Festival as a contestant. I sent my debut screenplay The House of Silkworms via FilmFreeway platform. It was easy and comfortable to me. Later I became a winner in The Best Screenplay category. I was pleased with good organization of the Festival and communication with arrangers, my only regret is that I was not able to attend the event in person due to pandemic restrictions and closed borders. Therefore I didn't have an opportunity to communicate with other participants, market professionals and make a networking. However I wish success to the ECG Film Festival and persons who organized it.

    October 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much for your feedback and participation in the contest, it's a pity that you could not come, we will be happy to meet you next year!
    We wish you new creative success.
    Yours Eurasian Creative Guild.