If you love watching movies under the starry night, come grab a chair and join us at Dzada Film Fest in Podgorica!

Our festival gives you an open air-cinema experience for 7 summer days in 7 different streets in Podgorica, the Capital City of Montenegro.

This year, come and join us for our fifth edition, which begins June 10th and lasts till June 16th, 2019.

You ought to know that Dzada welcomes audiences of all ages, from 7 till 77.

This year, we proudly introduce Dzada as First International Debut Feature Film Festival in Montenegro.

Therefore, we welcome and invite all artists to apply and compete at our Debut Feature Film Festival!

Nevertheless, it is important to tell you about Dzada's story.

It has all begun in 2015, with the theme 'Seven Classics' which attracted more than 7000 people. The following year, with the theme of Seven Magnificent Directors, Dzada continued to attract a large number of audience, and a surprising number of foreigners. Our will and determinance to change and foster various concepts has been strengthened.
In 2017, our audience had the opportunity to enjoy Seven Great European Films, where we had the honor to welcome a famous director, Mr. Vinko Bresan from Croatia, as a special guest, whose movie opened the Festival.
The last edition in 2018, when more than 8000 people participated,, Dzada Junior Programme had introduced the beauty of films to our children.
It is important to emphasize that Dzada is labeled as Green Festival which advocates environmental protection and will continue to educate the public on the importance of preserving our nature. Therefore, we invite all of you to come to Dzada this year, by bike or on foot and help us make a difference.

Whether you want to compete with your debut feature film, or would like to enjoy one of your favorite movies in the street with your bucket of popcorn and favorite person by your side, you are Welcome! Dzada will give the experience you need.

For more info check our FB page and website.

We create an opportunity for debut filmmakers to get their films judged and let them compete with other debut filmmakers. We perform a comprehensive evaluation process and select only high-quality films.

Best Debut Feature Film
Best Director

DzFF - International Debut Feature Film Festival will take place from June 10th till June 16th 2019, in Podgorica, Montenegro.

1. The application is open to all debut feature films made in the previous two years (2017/2018).
2. The term debut film, according to the FIAPF's propositions, is the first and second film of an author.
3. The submitted films should last longer than 71 minutes.
4. By applying for the Festival you agree to all the Festival Terms. You can apply by May 21, 2019 (see the terms and discounts on the application below). The festival will only contact the representatives of the selected films and is not obliged to provide explanation on why the film was not selected for the festival program.
5. Deadline for application: May 21. The registration fee is 80 $.
6. The application sent by May 1 is partially covered by organizers’ subsidy and the total application fee in this case is 30 $.
7. If the film has been over 50% made in Montenegro, the application is free.
8. At the moment when the film is selected and participation at the festival confirmed, the film can no longer be withdrawn from the festival program.
9. All films should be in their original language, and if it is not English, it is necessary that the film has a translation in English.
10. All applications must be registered through the Online Registration Form, with a mandatory link to one of the platforms (Vimeo / Youtube) and a password valid until June 17, 2019.
11. The Festival has the right to use all received material for the purpose of its promotion.
12. All copies of the selected films must arrive no later than Friday, May 31, 2019.
13. The International Jury will consist of distinguished representatives from the film world; directors, film critics, producers.
14. Members of the jury will award Best Debut Feature Film Award and Best Director Award.

Overall Rating
  • Cautiva y Desarmada

    This is a truly great festival!

    It's very well organized (from the big picture to the details). The festival team takes good care of the movies and the guests. The schedule is not jammed, so that you have time to get to know (and have a nice chat with) spectators, guests, organizers...

    A special treat are the openair screenings. The atmosphere is welcoming, the films are very good and watching them under the open sky with so much people has a magical touch.

    June 2019