We are back for this summer! The safety of our staff and guests are our top priority. We are opening the first year of the festival this summer, we are working to make sure that the festival is both safe for our guests and staff. Masks will be worn by our staff and hand sanitisers are available for use upon entry, we will also carry our temperature checks upon entry.

Our aim is to provide talented and creative filmmakers with a platform and an audience, enabling them to share their work with film lovers and get the recognition that they deserve around the world!

We welcome all filmmakers to share with us the work they produced within the last three years.

Kindly note that we welcome submissions from all filmmakers regardless of their age*

Our festival is held at a stylish and luxurious movie theatre in central London, With a comfortable seating area, High definition projectors used with our 7.1 channel surround speakers to deliver captivating sound that'll pull you into the action. Our festival offers fresh movie snacks and beverages.

(Failure to show up to the event may result in your film getting eliminated)

USED Youth Film Festival will be hosted for the first time on August 10th 2021.

Please visit our website to learn more about this particular event before submitting your project

Kindly email info@usedyouth.com if you submitted a film and have any questions. we are pleased to help you with any inquiries that you may have.

An award will be presented to the winner of each category*. Kindly refer to the USED Youth film festival website to learn more. terms and conditions apply.

Terms and conditions:

USED Youth Film Festival judgment is final, and we can't give a reason on why your film hasn't been included

SEC(1) - If your film does get selected to be added to the USED Youth film festival show, we will send you an acceptance email and request a digital transfer of your short film. The file must be collected by the date stated in the acceptance email, or your film will not be selected.

By submitting your film, You give your consent to USED Youth Film Festival and USD Studios LLC to promote your digital work online and on our website.

Please note that our festival may be filmed and pictured by production companies for commercial purposes, this won't intervene with the festival. By attending the festival you give your consent for your image and/or picture to be taken.

SEC(2) - Please note that the USED Youth Film Festival is meant for all ages, If your selected film contains material that we don't find appropriate for the general audience, we may ask for permission to edit certain scenes out, we will only do that with your permission, we will then send over the final edited version to you to approve.

In case you don't approve of the edits, your film won't be screened and you won't be issued with a refund

Films that include any of the following materials will NOT be selected to screen at the USED Youth Film Festival and you won't be issued a refund:

Real violence
Real sexual abuse
Real child endangerment or child abuse
Animal cruelty or animal abuse

SEC(3) - You may need you to provide us with a DCP version of your film for us to play it, shipping fees are not granted by us, You may be qualified to send us a version of your film with the following format - (MP4)
SEC(4) - If you are unable to provide us with a version of your film that is playable and compatible with our theatre we will not be able to include your film in our festival

SEC(5) - By submitting your film you agree that you own all the rights of the film and it's content, including but not limited to music and songs, screenplay, personalities, and actors

- Please be aware that a student ID is required if you submitted your film using the student fee, You'll be asked to send a copy of your student ID.