DOCUMEMENTO is a documentary film festival which includes Q&A session of the protagonist who tells the real side of the society. The experiences are reflected by the person and unveils without taboos that are usually cut off from official TV medias.

The audience and the protagonist also interact during the festival so the people get a deeper understanding of what has been hidden to the public or happening in the cult, politics and about all what might affect our daily life.
The protagonists are invited to the venue to hold the talk session or they join us remotely.

It is a "2 Days"-festival and divided in 2 sections.
The 1st morning section (10am to 3pm) is about introducing international short documentaries.
The 2nd afternoon section (5pm to 9pm) is the documentary/Q&A session event, which is also the main event of the festival.

Our aim is to make documentaries to remind (Memento) how to improve, help and care each other by getting an understanding by asking the person-self.
The forgotten or unspoken topics will find place to be discussed in DOCUMEMENTO.

We exchange and describe in words together as it is difficult sometimes, especially nowadays where we are overwhelmed by materials and informations.

This festival gives you space to listen and to be heard of your-inner-self and maybe beyond.

We are seeking through the FilmFreeway platform for some international documentary short films those will be also applied to different film festivals in Eastern Asia.
All applications and subtitles (mostly ENG to JAPANESE or any other Asian languages) will be supported by our foundation's curator.

Get your chance to screen your work in Asia!

As we are a non-profit foundation, we usually do not give awards or prizes.

All selected short films get a translated srt - data in order to have subtitles in other languages. Free submission to different Asian Film Festivals.

Collaboration works with Japanese TV/ Film productions etc.

All applicants agree to the non-profit system of our film festival.
Funds and special financial supports are not included - no negotiation.

Thank you very much for your understanding.