Divine Queer Film Festival (DQFF - www.divinequeer.it) is an independent film festival rooted in the Queer scene which explores the ever-changing topics of gender, diversabilities and migration. What inspired the first ever Divine is using the power of cinema to break down stereotypes, prejudices, taboos and fears.

Divine has an international vision and plans to project films, documentaries and fictional works from all over the world with the cult, feature film and short film categories.

With this aim, in 2022, Divine will focus, again, on three topics related to diversabilities, gender/transgener and migrants. The new edition will be dedicated to Marielle Franco (1979 - 2018), a Brazilian politician, sociologist, feminist, socialist, and human rights activist. Her opposition to militarist and machist culture and her growing power as a black and queer woman coming from the favelas, for us is an attribute to improve the "divine" perspective.

DQFF 2022, will take place in, Barriera di Milano, the suburban headquarter of the city of Torino, exactly in Laboratori di Via Baltea (www.viabaltea.it), which is a young multicultural center. The new edition will be in the days of 1-2-3 of Aprile. The Festival venue is wheelchair-friendly and all screenings will be subtitled to ensure deaf and hearing audiences alike can enjoy them. Screenings are free to enter.

Jury Award
Audience Award
Divine Award

The call for movies has a deadline as 31st of December 2021. The selections will be published the 15th Februay 2022. All movies should have at least English subtitles (with time code word/rtf/txt), Italian subtitles are plus value.

Movies should concentrate on gender, diverse abilities and migration topics. Please read carefully the detailed explanations for each topic.

Our fluid queer vision of human-being is outside the gender binary and cisnormativity which includes: being transgender/transexual, agender, non-gendered, genderless, genderfluid, genderfree or neutrois experience and etc.

With the concept of physical and/or mental diversability we would like to emphasize the various abilities and talents of people with “disabilities”, which should be promoted as a source that allows a new vision of ourselves.

Our vision of migration includes physical, mental, economical and geographical changes of places, bodies, souls and nations. Thus crossing and overcoming these “borders” and “barriers” are the hard core of our queer vision.

Overall Rating
  • Tathagata Ghosh

    A great festival! The curation was amazing. Thank you for selecting our film "Miss Man". Hope to be back again with a new film.

    April 2022
  • Tim Wolff

    I was very pleased by this festival! Thank you for including us.

    March 2019