Divergenti is the only film festival in Italy (and one of the few in the world) entirely dedicated to the trans experience and its narratives.
It was founded in 2008 and is organised by MIT - Movimento Identità Trans (Trans Identity Movement). Until the last edition, the art directors were pioneering trans activists Porpora Marcasciano and Nicole De Leo. The new Art Director is the writer and activist Antonia Caruso.

Divergenti reports, represents and embodies the narrative of its protagonists, who speak about themselves, describe the world around them and the socio-cultural contests in which they live and act. Divergenti selects and offers some of the greatest international film productions in order to promote a deep and complex knowledge of the trans experience, to counteract stereotypes and prejudices that are still too deeply rooted in the collective imaginary, and to stimulate the reconstruction of trans history and genealogy.

To achieve this, the festival is enriched with conferences, workshops, presentations, exhibitions and moments of study. There is no shortage of moments of socialisation and fun. Each edition of the festival has a specific theme chosen by the MIT organisers, based on the most interesting topics of the moment or those to which they would like to devote more attention.

"Through films, literature, art and entertainment, we try to broaden a flat, limited and restrictive horizon that has been built over time around our lives. A simple glance is enough to discover the many cages into which gender, sexuality and cultures have been forced, without having to resort to any "gender theory".

Degeneration corresponds to the caging of our "gender vitality", which Divergenti resumes and restores. If cinema is our dream machine, let's try to set it in motion so that it can travel freely on the streets of our fabulous everyday life".

Divergenti Award - 1000 €

Best Short - 200 €

This year's theme is prison for trans people.

We accept all formats (see specific call for shorts), both fiction and documentary.

It is crucial that the story or the author or most of the crew is trans.



This year we give more space to your trans talent and dedicate a screening of Divergenti to short productions only. Who knows, maybe one day you might be able to shoot a long!

Send us your/your short film, narrative or documentary, of 6 minutes maximum. It does not have to be unedited, as long as it makes sense and is not boring. If it is not in Italian, subtitles are welcome.