Make us laugh. Make us scream. Or both.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As of Summer 2022, the Complex (our venue since the beginning) is under negotiations with landlord to keep the space open past 12/31/2022. Therefore, the format, venue and dates are subject to change. Which means, if the Complex closes, we will have to secure a new venue. If that is not possible, we will have to be on-line (which we did when the pandemic prohibited in-person events in 2020 and 2021). Fortunately, we were on-line in 2021 and our format was innovative and collaborative, and kept with the spirit of our festival (including interviews with filmmakers and round table discussions with screenwriters). We don't know what 2023 will bring, but will keep you posted. Please be aware of the situation, as we may have limited options. Our choice is ALWAYS to have in-person events when possible (and safe).

The Die Laughing Film Festival recognizes the fine line that separates fear and comedy and celebrates both with a festival dedicated to comedy films and horror films created by independent film makers.

We also host a Screenwriters Workshop and guest panelists included staff writers from Marvel's Jessica Jones and Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. In addition to having a live scripted reading of scenes from selected screenplays, we also had a lively Q and A with our guests.

Come join us in 2023 for the 6th Annual Die Laughing Film Festival.

If you dare.

Thank you for submitting your film or screenplay (SUBMISSION) to the Die Laughing Film Festival (DLFF). We are excited to review your work. Please read the important notice under EVENT DESCRIPTION in regards to the status of our venue.

By submitting your SUBMISSION to DLFF you agree to the following:

(1) Submitting a SUBMISSION does not guarantee inclusion in the DLFF, and the selection committee has sole discretion to determine which SUBMISSIONS are selected for participation in the DLFF;

(2) If your SUBMISSION is selected for the DLFF, you will allow DLFF to use any part of the SUBMISSION for promotional purposes before, during and after the DLFF, and the right to present your SUBMISSION as part of the DLFF.

(3) DLFF does not compensate for any costs associated with the production of the SUBMISSION, or travel costs associated with attending the DLFF;

(4) DLFF reserves the right to schedule accepted SUBMISSIONS and to make any changes at any time, and may withdraw any SUBMISSION from the DLFF at any time for any reason. IN ADDITION, YOU ACKNOWLEDGE YOU HAVE READ THE "IMPORTANT NOTICE" AND UNDERSTAND WE CANNOT GUARANTEE AN IN-PERSON EVENT AND RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CONDUCT THE 2023 DLFF AS IN-PERSON, ON-LINE OR HYBRID.

(5) All film SUBMISSIONS must be online screeners only. All screenplay SUBMISSIONS must be a format indicated in the submission section;

(6) All film SUBMISSIONS that are selected to screen at the DLFF must be digital. To ensure best quality at the screening, digital versions are best.

(7) Filmmakers and screenwriters are solely responsible to ensure all deadlines are adhered to, and shall hold DLFF harmless for any delays or technical difficulties whatsoever;

(8) Filmmakers and screenwriters warrant that all work is original and that all rights have been secured;

(9) Filmmakers and screenwriters shall indemnify and hold harmless the Die Laughing Film Festival and all its agents from any claims, liabilities, losses, damages incurred in any way due to any and all claims.

(10) Awards will be presented in categories identified by DLFF and judging will be done by the judging committee; with the exception of awards for Best of Festival, which will be based on audience votes. DLFF reserves the right to rescind any award for any reason.

Overall Rating
  • Ray and team were amazing and it was a lot of fun to participate. Well organized and very family-like, inclusive.

    May 2022
  • Veronica R. Tabares

    I was thrilled to learn my screenplay, Paranormal Rescue, was selected for the festival. Thanks!

    May 2022
  • This is a really fun event, put together by passionate film-lovers who create a warm and inviting atmosphere. I was thrilled that they included staged readings from screenplays as this seems to be a rare happening in film festivals. Highly recommend!

    May 2022
  • Awesome festival. Happy to be part of it

    May 2022
  • Christy Lee Hughes

    Wow! We are so blown away and grateful to win BEST COMEDY and BEST ACHIEVEMENT IN ACTING at the 2022 DLFF! This was a fun festival to attend in person and we enjoyed meeting the other filmmakers there, watching the films on the big screen together in the theater here in Los Angeles was awesome. Thank you so much from team Guardian and we look so forward to attending again next year! HIGHLY RECOMMEND submitting to this quality festival that truly champions independent filmmaking and goes above and beyond to celebrate talent.

    May 2022