Deluxe Film Festival is an international film festival based in Rome, Italy. THE SELECTED WINNERS WILL BE INVITED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE ANNUAL EVENT IN AN EXCLUSIVE LOCATION IN ROME, NEXT TO THE COLOSSEUM. Event Date: 17/12/2023

♢Our mission and goal is to discover and promote talented directors from all over the world and present them to the public.
We have also created a special "DELUXE" category where only short films that have already won in other festivals can participate. In this way, we will be able to give space to short films that have never won a prize, participating in the other categories listed.

♢ Each month our festival jury selects up to 7 winners from the main categories and reserves the right to choose or not choose winners from additional categories. This is because we select short films with High Artistic Quality.

THE SELECTED WINNERS WILL BE INVITED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE ANNUAL EVENT IN AN EXCLUSIVE LOCATION IN ROME, NEXT TO THE COLOSSEUM. The staff of the "Oniric" recreational club, the location where the event will be hosted, will select a winner for a special prize. The event will be held on December 17, 2023.

A free film production workshop with industry professionals will be held at the event.

The festival has the following structure:
1. The selection of films: we see all the films presented.
2. The selected films will receive the "Official Selection" status of the month's edition.
3. We will select the semi-finalists who will have the opportunity to upload their work to a VOD platform.
4. We will announce the winners of each category
5. Sending digital prizes
6. Monthly winners will be considered for further selection. These will be invited to participate in the annual event in an exclusive location in Rome where the selected short films will be screened and they will be able to receive an additional prize.

Prizes will be awarded as listed in the "Awards & Prizes" section.

Deluxe Film Festival è un festival cinematografico internazionale con sede a Roma, Italia. ♢La nostra missione e obiettivo è scoprire e promuovere registi di talento provenienti da tutto il mondo e presentarli al pubblico. Abbiamo inoltre creato una speciale categoria “DELUXE” dove possono partecipare solo i cortometraggi che hanno già vinto in altri festival. In questo modo potremo dare spazio ai cortometraggi che non hanno mai vinto un premio, partecipando alle altre categorie elencate. ♢ Ogni mese la nostra giuria del festival seleziona fino a 7 vincitori dalle categorie principali e si riserva il diritto di scegliere o meno i vincitori da categorie aggiuntive. Questo perché selezioniamo cortometraggi ad Alta Qualità Artistica. ♢ I VINCITORI SELEZIONATI SARANNO INVITATI A PARTECIPARE ALL'EVENTO ANNUALE IN UNA LOCATION ESCLUSIVA A ROMA, VICINO AL COLOSSEO. Lo staff del circolo ricreativo “Oniric”, location dove sarà ospitato l'evento, selezionerà un vincitore per un premio speciale. L'evento si terrà il 17 dicembre 2023.♢ All'evento si terrà un workshop gratuito di produzione cinematografica con dei professionisti del settore.
Il festival ha la seguente struttura: 1. La selezione dei film: vediamo tutti i film presentati. 2. I film selezionati riceveranno lo status di "Selezione Ufficiale" dell'edizione del mese. 3. Selezioneremo i semifinalisti che avranno l'opportunità di caricare il proprio lavoro su una piattaforma VOD. 4. Annunceremo i vincitori di ciascuna categoria 5. Invio dei premi digitali 6. I vincitori mensili verranno presi in considerazione per un'ulteriore selezione. Questi saranno invitati a partecipare all'evento annuale in una location esclusiva a Roma dove verranno proiettati i cortometraggi selezionati e potranno ricevere un ulteriore premio.

Awards & Prizes
We will promote the winning and selected films on our instagram/facebook and/or our website!

♢TROPHY (for annual winners) + Laurel + certificate ready for printing + interview:
Best Italian short film
Best International short film
Best Animation short film
Best web/tv series pilot
Best mobile short film

♢ Laurel + certificate ready for printing:
Best Oniric short film
Best First Time Director
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Original Screenplay
Best Editing
Best Sound Design
Best VFX
Best Director of Photography (Cinematographer)
Best Production
Best Soundtrack
Best Colorist / Color correction
♢We could also reward the following categories:
Best Super Short Film (1-5'); Best short Documentary; Best Drama; Best Comedy; Best Experimental; Best Horror; Best Thriller; Best Sci-fi/Fantasy; Best Action; Best Low Budget; Best music video; Best Idea, Best make up, Best costume design, Best look.

♢ Laurel + certificate ready for printing:
Best Feature Film
Best Director
Best of the Month
Best poster/trailer

Rules & Terms

The festival allow any filmmaker to any age and country. Any kind of movie can participate to Deluxe Film Festival. Films that do not follow the rules will not be selected. (No returnable entry fees for the submission!)
You can add an "Additional Category" only after having choose a "Main Category" first.
The films can be submitted up to 12st of every month.

Entries must be in the original version with English or Italian subtitles, from 0 to 70 minutes titles included from any country and genre. Even if requested, we could consider short films without subtitles.
You can also enter the film from other editions of the Festival except if you were a finalist or awarded. Multiple entries from the same submitter are accepted.

- DELUXE SHORT FILM, For the special Deluxe category we accept any kind of short as long as it has already been awarded in other festivals. In this way they will compete with all the other winners in a truly honorable challenge. In this category many semi-finalists will be chosen who will be able to access the VOD platform.
- ITALIAN SHORT FILM, in this category we only accept short films in Italian. If they are in a foreign language, they must have subtitles in Italian or they can participate in the other categories. Short documentaries are also allowed.
- INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM, in this category we accept short films from all over the world. However, they must have subtitles in English or Italian. Short documentaries are also allowed.
- ANIMATION SHORT FILM, in this category short films from all over the world are admitted. However, they must have subtitles in English or Italian.
- WEB/TV SERIES PILOT, short pilot from series from all over the world are admitted in this category. However, they must have subtitles in English or Italian.
- MOBILE SHORT FILM, in this category we only accept short films shot entirely with a smartphone.

The owners of the rights of the films allow the film to be shown in the festival but also some extract of the films for the promotion of the Deluxe Film Festival. The posters and pictures sent to advert the films can be used also by the Deluxe Film Festival to promote the event in the future.
Films that are submitted must be the entrant’s original work and shall not infringe on any copyrights or any other rights of any third Parties. Contestants agree that they have obtained all required copyright permissions regarding music, sound & images. Etc presented in their film. The subjects who send the videos assume responsibility for the material sent, guaranteeing its authenticity or in any case the possession of the related rights.
The festival authorities will have the right to retain copies of each film and the material send as part of our festival library & can be screened in for Education, promotion, awareness & commercial purposes.
You grant Deluxe film festival permission to present your project online in its entirety to a public audience. Submitter retains all submitted project rights and can request their project be removed from the platform at any time.
Deluxe Film Festival doesn't pay filmmakers for participation in the festival.
The Festival will publish the descriptions of the works presented on the official website and socials. The owners of the films presented at the Festival are invited to deposit the file sent for selection, for preservation in the Festival archives for the promotion of the festival. Deluxe Film Festival can use images and information on submitted projects for promotional use.

Participation in this Festival entails the acceptance of the current regulations. The festival keep the right of changing any rule if there is any mandatory reason and also declare a prize not awarded if the quality is not enough. Deluxe film festival organizers reserve rights change, cancel or re-schedule the dates, venue, awards & categories without consent or information to contestants. We reserve the right to modify, delete or add the prizes or any rules described on this page. The organizers reserve the right not to award any or all of the prizes.
The Festival Management may make decisions relating to matters not covered by these regulations.
Judging Process: all submissions will be viewed in their entirety. Submissions will be judged and scored based on criteria including: quality of screenplay, acting, production quality, originality, technical proficiency, cinematography, sound design, editing and set design.