The following genre films are eligible to participate in the festival:

Zeus Create Delphi at the Center of The Universe as a Magical Playground for Healers and Oracles to Convene.

In 2022, due to social distancing and Covid-19, the event will be hosted near Apollo Temple of Ancient Corinth, Peloponnesus, Greece, for outdoor screenings at the cultural center "Anastasia Kefala", by the end of August.


All selected films will be finalist and will get the Apollo Award.

All selected English speaking films have to be provide the final screeners with Greek subtitles. Non English speaking films should have both of English and Greek subtitles embedded on the screen.

Overall Rating
  • Giorgis Fotopoulos

    The Delphi Film Festival is one of the most important film festivals in Greece, since it connects its visitors with the nature of a culture that once brought the arts to birth and is still alive today. Unique!

    September 2021