Adapt or die.

That was the motto for out last festival in 2017 and it has never been more appropriate. The plan is to provide screenings in August 2021 streamed online to private audiences.

It is hoped this will encourage a wider audience to view the films submitted and attract businesses and other organisations to get involved. Each film screened will receive audience feedback (which will be fed back to the film makers and will only be made public with permission.) At the end of the year we will announce the highest scoring films in each category.

We will of course be promoting and updating screenings as we go via social media, YouTube and our website.

New to 2021 - Deep Fried Media Studios are launching a series of YouTube channels and will be inviting Film Makers to talk about their submissions, their experiences within film making and the impact of COVID 19 on the industry.

There are awards - oh yes there are!!! Audience votes from across the venues give us an average for each film and we award accordingly. No cash unfortunately however you do receive a Deep Fried Film award and promotion of your film.

Films must be in English or Subtitled in English. Subtitles must be burnt onto video track - Sorry but it makes it a pain otherwise.

No pornographic or illegal films.

Overall Rating
  • Having our student film 'White Lining' selected in 2015 was amazing it felt like all the hard work was worth it. They promoted the film on Twitter and kept in touch by email. As we are poor students we couldn't afford to attend but the buzz from having your film selected was fantastic and I'm sure has helped to promote our film.

    July 2016
  • patrick mulderrig

    I couldn't make it, but my film got in. They promoted it leading up to the fest, tweeted about it while it was playing and seemed motivated about putting on a good fest. If I can make it out there, I'll submit again.

    May 2016