No one doubts the power of the image when it comes to revealing, highlighting, promoting, explaining, sometimes denouncing: Deauville Green Awards offers a unique opportunity for companies, institutions, NGOs and communities to promote their actions and good practices to meet the challenge of climate change, preserve our environment, ensure the well-being of future generations.

For 12 years now, the festival's mission has been to promote this great repertoire made up of institutional films, spots and documentaries around sustainable development and eco-innovations, and thus to make all stakeholders aware of these vital subjects.

Each year, the festival brings together 500 films from all over the world in an international competition, 400 professionals and key players in the sector for 2 days of screenings, discovery and networking, as well as hundreds of schoolchildren and visitors to the general public.

The Deauville Green Awards have rewarded excellence in communication and green and responsible audiovisual media throughout the world since 2012.

The films of the international competition are awaited by around twenty recognized experts, from major institutions such as Arte, the World Bank, BNF, Bpifrance, France Télévisions, the Ministry of Culture, Publicis, TF1, WWF and many others.

The Jury is divided into three Selection Committees, each made up of specialists in the 3 competitions: SPOT + INFO + DOCU.

On June 8, 2023, at the awards ceremony for the 12th edition, a professional jury will award the Gold and Silver Totems to the best productions in each category, in each competition. Three Grands Prix chosen from among the Golden Totems will reward the best documentary, the best institutional film and the best awareness campaign. Finally, Special Prizes will be awarded by Festival partners.

The "Deauville Green Awards - International Festival of audiovisual productions for sustainable development and eco-innovations" Festival is intended to promote awareness through the image around sustainable development.

Participation in the Festival is open to directors and producers, communication agencies, local, regional and national public sector, television channels, multimedia and internet service companies, companies and startups or any other organization. The Festival will take place on June 7 and 8, 2023; Deauville Green Awards is organized by the association "A screen for the planet".

3 competitions and 15 categories

3 competitions:

SPOT: short awareness messages

INFO: information films and corporate films

DOCU: documentary programs, webdocs and creative documentaries

15 Thematic categories:

The great environmental challenges:

1- Fight and Adaptation to Climate Change
2- Preservation of the Biodiversity
3- Seas, oceans and water environments

The fields of ecological application:

4- The energy transition
5- Agriculture and sustainable resources: soils, seas and forests
6- Housing, territories and living environment
7- Means of transportation et eco-mobility
8- Eco-tourism and responsible travel
9- Sustainable Production and the Circular Economy
10- Responsible Consumption and Eco-labels

Societal issues:

11- Quality of life
12- Organisations and Social Responsibility
13- Humanitarian action and solidarity
14- Human Rights
15- Innovations and technological leaps

Program registration

Each registration for an audiovisual production must be made on the online "program registration form" until March 24, 2023 inclusive.

All registered productions must have been produced after January 1, 2021.

To be validated, the registration file must include the following elements: submission of the online registration form, payment of registration fees and delivery of the registered audiovisual program. These elements must reach the Festival no later than March 24, 2023. The recommended format for the good projection quality of the image and sound: .mov or .mp4 in 1080p (full HD). Formats smaller than Pal Sd do not allow registration to be validated.

Due to a large number of films in competition, the screening in Deauville of the longest films can be shortened to free up the time necessary for the exchange between the jurors, the film teams and the public and thus ensure the screening. of all finalist films.

Television programs, documentaries (including webdocs), institutional and corporate films, web programs, institutional business cards, promotional messages, training programs, etc. in French or English. For other languages, please attach a synopsis in French or in English.

The registration of a film in the festival therefore grants a transfer of rights for the broadcasting on the festival site of all or part of the registered film, of its projection in front of the festival public, of extracts in the programs of information on the festival as well as, after the presentation of the trophies, its dissemination on a viewing platform with free access. The producer of the registered audiovisual program certifies having acquired the reproduction and performance rights of the work.

Registration fees

Registration of a film in the DOCU competition
Full price = 200€.
* Nonprofit discount = small projects might benefit from a discount

Registration of a film in the INFO competition
Full price = €500
Discounted rate for companies with less than 500 employees = €400
* Nonprofit discount: small organisations with a committed project can apply for an additional discount.

Registration of a film in the SPOT competition
Full price = €500
Discounted rate for companies with less than 500 employees = €400
* Nonprofit discount: small organisations with a committed project can apply for an additional discount.

* Nonprofit discount: Independent directors, NGOs, young startups or very small businesses, students or teachers!
Many of you make a daily commitment to make the world a better place. The festival is committed to you.
Apply for a discount on the registration fee for your film by explaining your process to us at

Late rate: Registration of a program increased by 100 € after April 14, 2023.


Each participation of a festival-goer on June 7 and 8, 2023, including hosting all screenings, conferences, award ceremony, video library, meals, receptions and cocktails, must be made on the "accreditation form of" a participant ”being online on the site.

Accreditation includes:

- 2 days of screenings, conferences and workshops

- lunches and dinners, as well as the gala evening of the award ceremony

- access to all cocktails, meals, networking sessions, receptions and afterparties


The payment of participation and registration fees for films can be made:

- by credit card

- by check payable to: Un Ecran pour la Planète (address: 41, bd Magenta, 75010 Paris)

- by bank transfer (Domiciliation: HSBC FR Paris Business):

RIB: 30056 00949 09490052148 61

IBAN: FR76 3005 6009 4909 4900 5214 861 / BIC: CCFRFRPP

- by administrative mandate

Checks, proof of transfer or money orders must reach the Festival at the same time as the online registrations in order to be able to process them.

Jury and Trophies

The international jury is made up of audiovisual communication professionals and experts in sustainable development. He preselects the films entered and then attends their presentation during the Festival in order to determine the winners.

The best films of each category in each of the 3 competitions are likely to receive a Gold trophy. Three Grand Prizes are awarded to the best institutional films, documentaries and awareness campaigns, all categories and sections combined. Films awarded by Festival partners according to their specific criteria receive a Special Prize.

It is recalled that the jury is sovereign and free to award or not to award a trophy.

The winners who have not been able to receive their Trophy in Deauville have the possibility of having it sent at the end of the festival, subject to the payment of postage and € 50 excl.

Important note: only the French text of the regulations is authentic. The registration of a film entails from this fact the acceptance of these regulations.