DEA OPEN AIR International Film Festival is a product of MultiMedia Studio "Nositi".
The Festival will take place in the capital city, Tirana.

2000 Euros cash prize for Best Feature Movie
1000 Euros cash prize for Best Short

Regulation of DEA OPEN AIR International Film Festival

The eighth edition of DEA OPEN AIR International Film Festival will take place from 9 to 13 June in the capital city of Tirana in Albania.

The films that will be selected will be feature fiction, short movies, and student movies produced by January 2022. The fiction movies should be in DCP format or Blu-Ray. For short movies, the analog format is an option.

The application for participation in the festival must be within 15 March 2024.
To follow the application are needed:
-The completed form with a short biography.
-One photo of the director and the synopsis in English.
-Screener ( DVD – Bluray)
-Dialogue list -script English
-Stills and trailer
The applicant must be sure that possesses the right to submit the movie.
Regarding the nomination (competition) in the festival, a selective commission made of cinema professionals will decide. If there is a movie selected by the commission and is accepted by the producer or the owner of the Copyrights of this movie, it cannot be withdrawn from the competition.
The consignment of the movie is responsible for the sender, while the return is responsible for the film festival. On particular occasions, the organizers of the festival must be contacted.

The festival Awards
A jury of five members will accord the following awards.
-Best Fiction-2000 Euros cash prize
-Best Director
-Best Screenplay
-Best Camera
-Best Montage

A jury of three members will accord the following awards for the short film session:

-Best Short movie-1000 Euros cash prize
-Best Director

Other Awards

-The Public Award (Fiction)
-The Media Award for the Fiction and the Short Film Session

With the form sent the regulation of the DEA OPEN AIR International Film Festival is automatically accepted.

Overall Rating
  • Thank you very much for choosing my film 'Let's Talk' for your festival

    July 2023
  • Nevelin Vulchev

    A fantastic festival with great communication and very well organized. Thank you for the selection and screening of our film "Good Night, Lily" and I hope we have the chance to show our next films at your wonderful festival.
    Thank you again and good luck with everything!

    January 2023
  • Congratulations to the Great Festival 💎 Wonderful Hospitality with perfect open air event 🎉 Honour and joy for the Best Short Film of JUST LIKE WATER film 🏆 Big thank you to Ajola and Edmond for everything and the Jury Members Adele, Esther and Redi 🙏 Warm greetings from Greece 🇬🇷

    August 2022
  • We are always glad and honoured to be part of DEA OPEN AIR International Film Festival. We had the pleasure to visit it on 2023 and we had a blast of their hospitality. Thank you very much and we are looking forward for the next edition!

    July 2022
  • Besnik Prekazi

    I am happy to have participated in this film festival with my short film Fair Play. Very nice people and very nice film festival

    October 2021