The Davis Feminist Film Festival is a grassroots event that uses alternative media as a springboard for linking art to social issues. The goal of the festival is to showcase independent film spanning documentary, narrative, and experimental genres in order to explore perspectives often missing from mainstream media and culture. Now in its 14th year and increasingly international in scope, the festival provides an inclusive public space for underrepresented artists ‑ particularly womxn and people of color ‑ to raise consciousness about gender, race, class, sexuality, and other dimensions of social inequality. It is a fun, inspiring, community-building event for artists and audiences alike!

The Davis Feminist Film Festival started in 2005 as a fundraiser for international internships with grassroots feminist non-profit organizations run through the Gender and Global Issues Program (GGI) housed in Women and Gender Studies at UC Davis. In 2007, when the funding for GGI ended, the Consortium for Women and Research partnered with other campus units in order to sustain and grow the festival until 2014. Since 2015, Davis Feminist Film Festival has been run through the Women's Resources and Research Center.

The Davis Feminist Film Festival welcomes films from professionals, students, and community members locally, nationally, and internationally. People underrepresented in the media field are especially encouraged to submit a film for consideration.

The Davis Feminist Film Festival is a short film festival. Films must be shorter than 35 minutes in length.

CRITERIA (must meet at least two):
1) Films created with an eye for gender and social justice issues
2) Films that link local and global issues
3) Films created by people underrepresented in the media field (womxn, people of color, queer, transgender, non-binary, disabled)
4) Films made by people from the Davis/Sacramento area

1) Film Synopsis (250 word maximum)
2) Short 1-page Cover Letter addressing how your film fits at least two of the submission criteria.
3) Copy of Film (minimum 1080p downloadable video).
4) To make the festival accessible for as many viewers as possible, films must include large-scale closed captions or subtitles.

Submissions will not be considered unless all parts of the application are complete.

A separate application must be completed for each submission. Although reasonable care will be taken to protect submissions from loss or damage, the Regents of the University of California does not assume responsibility for films submitted for consideration.


Exhibition: Submitted works will be reviewed by the festival curation team and some of them will be selected for public exhibition. By submitting my film, I understand that it may be screened for public exhibition as part of the 2018 Davis Feminist Film Festival and I authorize the UC Davis festival organizers to do so.

Permissions and Rights: I have obtained written permissions and rights to use all of the copyrighted material contained in my submitted work, including but not limited to consents from actors and music licenses for any commercial music. I will provide proof of such permissions upon request. I will be fully responsible for any problems, legal or otherwise, resulting from failure to obtain proper consents, releases, or licenses.

Post-Selection Procedures: At the discretion of festival organizers, exhibited works may be archived in a UC Davis campus library. The Regents of the University of California is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.

Overall Rating
  • Lilih Curi

    Amazing Festival!!! Important feminist event.

    May 2018
  • Victor Schwarz

    Due to date collision with Cannes we haven't been able to attend the festival. Hopefully next time :)

    June 2016