Formerly known as Dark History and Horror Con. This is year three and the film festival is it's own bad ass entity. The festival will continue to coincide with the convention and will give the fans yet another element to increase the value of their admission.

We are excited to offer award certificates for 2nd Runner Up, 1st Runner Up and Best Film.

Certification of Entrant I, the undersigned, acknowledge and agree:
1 . I have read, understated and fully comply with all submission eligibility information, Submission Guidelines, Terms and Conditions of Entry and Entry Eligibility requirements.
2 . To the best of my knowledge, all of the statements in this document are true;
3 . This film or video is not subject to any litigation nor is threatened by any litigation;
4 . I am duly authorized to submit this film to the festival;
5 . I hold Dark History and Horror Con harmless from any damage to the print(s) or tape(s) en route or otherwise during the course of the festival’s possession of the film;
6 . I hold Dark History and Horror Con, its owners, management, juries, subsidiaries, agents, sponsors, affiliates, and etc. harmless from any and all claims of liability resulting from my entry.
7 . I certify that I have full rights to the use of the music in the entered work.
8 . I give permission for Dark History and Horror Con to use stills, titles, copy, and/or information from the film for promotional purposes
9 . I give permission for Dark History and Horror Con to screen the film at the Festival as well as any Festival presentations, programs, and/or events.
There is NO 'Film Made By' date. We have shown horror films from as early as the 30's. Please feel free to submit your early work as well as your current.
PLEASE NOTE: We DO NOT pay screening fees. If any screening fee is requested by filmmaker(s), the associated film will be disqualified.

Overall Rating
  • Ben Harl

    This was a fantastic festival! Very well organized and we'll attended. Very happy I went!

    November 2019