Young film festival dedicated to social topics. The festival is open to beginners and professional Directors. The main task of the festival:
1) Development of youth cinema in the world.
2)Promote social issues through movies.
We welcome young Directors with a fresh perspective on the world and unusual visualizations.

1) Best social short film
2)Best social experimental film
3)Best social cartoon.
(The jury can create a special nomination for the film.)
All finalists will receive special prizes from the festival organizers.
The winners will receive statuettes of the festival and special awards from the organizers

1)We accept movies in any language.(If the movie is not in English, it must have subtitles in English)
2)Minimum video resolution 1080p
3)We do not accept films that were released before June 1, 2020
4)The film should not offend a certain group of the population. It should promote the idea of unification and respect.