AZOTH Arts Center, artistic and choreographic center, is organizing monthly thematic dance short-film screenings in the fall and winter 2019.

Screenings are happening once a month, with the following schedule and thematics :

- October : portraits of dancers and dance companies
- November : dance and new technologies
- December : dance animation short-films
- January : dance related documentaries
- February : dance/movement therapy
- March : dance and nature/environment

Each short-film selected enters to win an Audience Choice Award as well as the chance to get screened at the International Choreographic Festival of Blois, which happens in July, in the historical city of Blois, in a 300-seat movie theatre.

We encourage every dance and/or movement related short-film to apply.

Film makers will have a chance to receive the following awards :
- Audience Choice Award
- Screening at the International Choreographic Festival of Blois, in July 2020, in a 300-seat theatre
- Best Fall 2019 Short-Film Award and Best Winter 2019-2020 Short-Film Award

- Max running time : 25 minutes
- Applicants must have all necessary rights and releases to all presented persons, audio and visual media presented in the film
- All films must be submitted via FilmFreeway
- Pay the $5 application fee
- By submitting your film, you grant the organizer the rights to use excerpts of your film/photography in any promotional materials on their website and all social media
- If accepted, you agree to abide by deadlines for submitting other required program materials (including pictures, biographies, description of the film, etc)