Welcome to the DMV Short Film Festival hosted by 1939 Studios!

When Shalom Omo-Osagie founded 1939 Studios in May 2020, she only had one goal in mind: to be able to tell black stories through the eyes and from the mouths of black artists. With four short films now under the company’s belt, 1939 Studios has shown its originality and innovative mindset when it comes to storytelling. With a diverse team of creatives powering the company, stories are effectively communicated with style and through varied perceptions, making their projects a sight for all to enjoy.

1939 Studios has worked strictly within the DMV. As a proud production company of the DMV, this festival is looking for other underrepresented black storytellers in the region to showcase their talents and bring their works forward in a new light. As a growing company, we continue to promote the diversification of the film industry as well as recognize black achievement.

THIS FESTIVAL IS FOR SHORT FILMS ONLY. Submissions will be accepted until the late deadline, March 19th, 2022.

Upon winning any of the listed categories, participants will receive:

- Streaming on the 1939 Studios Website

- A shout out on all 1939 Studios social media pages

- A discount Code in the 1939 Studios merch store (20%)

The winner of the Best Short award will additionally receive:

- A monetary prize of $200!

- One item of 1939 merch from our website!

- A certificate/laurel

- A special note from the 1939 Studios Team

SUB-CATEGORIES will be given shoutouts on our social media pages. Subcategories include:

- Best Actress
- Best Actor
- Best Director
- Best Cinematography

The subcategory awards will be announced online via our website and social medias and the winning films will be announced at our in person event/ceremony May 14th!


The following rules govern all film submissions to the DMV Short Film Festival

If you are submitting your film to the DMV Short Film Festival Below are our guidelines for submitting your film.

Please Note: The DMV Short Film Festival will not waive entry fees. The DMVSFF believes that waiving admission costs compromises the competition's integrity. All candidates should be subject to the same regulations and costs so that no one film is favored over another. The DMV Short Film Festival does not invite films to compete, only films that have been submitted will be evaluated.

2022 Film Guides

- Must be a resident of the DMV (must live in or be from the DMV)

- Your film must be under 35 minutes in length (this includes all running credits), shorts only.

- One submission per individual or team.

- DMVSFF does not accept trailers, rough assemblies, or works in progress. Please submit your application when you are ready to send your film in the most complete and finished form possible, as we will only watch the first cut submitted.

- All shorts must be original content only, no adaptations of other works!

- Your project must have been completed in 2018, 2019, 2020, or be on track for completion in early 2022.