Désencadré is a three day long neo-experimental short-film festival that aims to bridge the gap between the establishment of a well wrapped, mass appeal production and a vibrant, independent scene that is often, erroneously, labeled as an elitarian niche.
With the screenings of 30 films from Italy and France the festival also elongates its platform for the young directors and the public to engage in multiple interactive symposiums with renowned professionals.
The expressive capacity of the short film, that of developing a plot in a few minutes while keeping the spectator glued to the screen, is like a technical-stylistic gymnasium, capable of exalting aspiring directors, increasing the possibility of being appreciated by the general public but, above all, by great cinema.

This framework provides to désencadré the chance to enhance the neo-experimental vague of the contemporary cinema, whose main common grounds are:

Absence of screenplay, dialogues and interpreters;
Production autonomy of the author;
Particular attention to the image in itself, starting from the single frame, to the infinite possibilities of manipulating it, with various types of techniques, both in the shooting phase and in the development and printing process;
Use of media that are not necessarily professional (8 mm, super 8, 16 mm) and in some cases no camera at all;
Particularly creative and non-linear use of editing;
Close relationship with other disciplines such as painting, music and photography;
Extraneousness to normal distribution channels.

Format of naming the file: Title_Year the film was shot

The short films proposed for the selection must meet the following criteria:
- Have been made or produced in France, or be in French
- We accept any production according to criteria of expressive originality, covering the fields of: animation, experimental, performances, short stories, fiction, documentary
- Use new: expressive strategies, narrative assumptions, dramaturgical structures, editing options, soundtracks.
- Have been made maximum of five years preceding the Festival
- We are not necessarily looking for first visions
- Not have been distributed on Internet
- The duration of the films must not exceed 25 minutes, credits included
- The director must not be over 35 on the date of the Festival

All short films, if verbal, must be provided with English subtitles.
Subtitles must be included in the image and a (.srt) file will be requested.

Overall Rating
  • Charles Domalain

    I had a great time at the festival. The selection of films was very good. All films and interventions were interesting !

    June 2022
  • Arsène Helden

    Feels like home. Everything and everyone were great !
    I was very sulcky to be selected, the selection was very good, I really have a great time watching beautiful avant garde films from around the world.

    June 2022