The cyber security attacks have been developing and increasing as statistically. There is a potentially vital digital risk for each business and each individual.

To attract attention, we wanted to organize a film festival and make a social responsibility project.

As a cyber security consultancy firm, our priority is to establish a framework where we can combine cinema and cyber security, increase cyber security awareness with the support of visual materials, and make the future secure. The aim of the Cyber ​​Film Festival is to increase cyber security awareness. One of our projects serving this vision is Cyber Film Festival (established in 2012).

Awards will be quite specific.

Online Cyber Security Awareness Training
Cyber Security Training Certificate
The Certificate (for the film)
The Laurel (for the film)

1) Non-English language projects must have English subtitles.
2) Off-topic films will be disqualified.
3) The owners of the films selected films authorize the publication of their data on site and on every type of distribution channel as promotion.
4) Cyber security training will only be given at a certain time one day, and it will not be repeated if you cannot participate.

Submitted projects to the Cyber Film Festival agree as established by Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, No. 196 on the protection of privacy, the use of personal data for all initiatives related to the event. The Author of the film declares to accept the Regulation in all its parts and to have the legal availability of the film and to authorize the public screening without compensation, freeing the organization of the Festival from any present and future responsibility.

Overall Rating
  • Cheterra McCray

    Very happy I got a chance to be apart of this festival! Hope to do another one with them soon!

    November 2021
  • loved it. really good festival...I will be back

    November 2021
  • Maya Jai Pinson

    This was the best festival win ever. Also, I appreciate how Cyber Film Festival shared my film reviews with me.

    November 2021
  • Tennille Taraszkiewicz

    The Cyber Film Fest is the most unique experience I’ve had with their mission to help filmmakers SAFELY navigate in this digital world. Appreciate them ushering us with technology knowledge along with phenomenal communication! Great festival!!

    November 2021
  • Direk Bee

    Many might not be familiar about this festival, but let me all tell you, IT'S AMAZING! not to be bias since my film PANDEMIC won best visual effects, but because they are kind, active and very accomodating. They even have free workshop for winners which as far as I've known for monthly festivals non like this have that offer. If you wanted to experience what I've gained, better join the festival and let your film be not just a matrix but a one whole reality winner! Congrats!

    November 2021