A FREE film festival online and live event extravaganza! Don't wait 11 months to see your film in a film festival, because when you submit it to the Culture Of Life TV Network and 24/7 Movie Festival, your movie (if selected) will be available that following month! We want to bless filmmakers with a place they can call home, get their talent out to our viewers, and make connections with viewers and possible talent scouts.

The best films will be selected to be apart of a compilation feature film featuring wonderful stories about life, love, faith, and family. The series will be called "A Collection of Family Short Films". Anyone that submits to our film festival and tv network automatically agree to let us market, advertise, and share their films on major platforms. Profits from the films go toward families in need.

Culture Of Life TV is a unique platform that lets film fans watch the movies, comment on them, and have a dialogue with the filmmakers. Always polite, always respectful, and never political. This online social event is about wonderful films, the filmmakers, their fans, raising funds for families, and finding solutions. It's a film festival with a higher purpose; helping others.

So, welcome FILMMAKERS! Welcome, VIEWERS. This is a new type of faith and family tv network that gives back to filmmakers (with a free film festival), the viewers (with the ability to connect with their favorite indie filmmakers), and to families in need (with funds raised from those that help by submitting to the network at www.cultureoflifetv.com).

Submit your films. Watch films. Give back to charity.

Simple. Powerful. Possitive.

Awards & Prizes

Best of Submissions - Get onto the TV Network and Live Film Festival
Best Films of Festival - Get distribution with other shorts and features to major platforms!

Rules & Terms

Filmmakers that submit to this film festival automatically agree to these terms:

Your film...
... is based with message of faith, love, hope, or something that talks about the compassion for all human life.
... empowers others to think about taking care of the hurting
... does not have sexually explicit materials
... does not have to curse
... does not have gratuitous violence
... does not have to smoke

Winners agree to...
... delivering films in ProRes 422 HD 16x9 Full Frame
... distribution through Culture Of Life through DVD and Digital
... writing an acceptance letter, if you cannot be at live event
... donate (non-exclusively) your film to the festival to let us air, distribute, share, sell, and fundraise for the cause of helping families in need.
... donating (non-exclusively) your film to the festival for live events, and possible distribution in a "compilation" series if selected as one of the best films in the festival.
... the ability for us to use your film in a compilation or stand alone to market and distribute if it wins an award (to theaters and digital distributors) as a fundraiser for women and children in need (we do not keep the funds for our selves - we want to help the hurting).
... to donating your film's images, likeness, name, and every person's name involved in marketing, distributing, and showcasing in living, online, and distributed versions.

We agree that...
(What we promise you.)
... Your film will be respected and shown on our network
... we will never be political or use your film for political gains
... we will host your film online and at the live event for FREE
... we will use your film to help fund families in need
... if your film is the best we will distribute it on DVD and major networks

We believe in your films. We believe in the lives we will share your films with. We will unite with you (the filmmaker, and the viewer) to enjoy great stories and to help families that are in great desperation for hope.

Thanks for teaming up with us to help save lives!!!