(Film 20 minutes or shorter.)

The Culture of Life Film Festival is an online and live event that helps to showcase wonderful stories that share life, love, faiths and hope. Its about giving Filmmakers a voice, getting them out to 1) live events 2) online film festival and 3) the distribution of the best films on a feature film showcase to Amazon and other distributors (a $2000-5000 reward for winners).

Oh, and the film festival is FREE to Filmmakers!!! Just agree that when you submit your film we have the rights to share your film at the live event, on the online film festival, and on a feature film showcase if your film wins. Films won't be allowed in otherwise.

Thanks for submitting your films. Together, we can help share hope and heal hurt for Viewers.

About the Film Festival: Our film festival is a faith, family friendly film festival, and we are never political. We just want great films, great stories with big heart. We donate the tickets of the film festival live event, online event, and Amazon earnings back to women and children in need.

About the TV Network: We produce talk shows, feature documentaries, and host events to share quality solutions for life issues. Find the films at Connect with Layne Mcdonald, our founder and Filmmaker at

Best of Submissions - Get onto the TV Network and Live Film Festival
Best Films of Festival - Get distribution with other shorts and features to major platforms!

(Best of Film Festival get distributed by Culture Of Life TV and made available on major brands via our app and through distribution deals. Fund help us to raise support for families that have lost new borns from illnesses.)

(Film 20 minutes or shorter.)


Our rules and terms are simple. When you submit your film you are doing it in goodwill that we will:

1) watch the film and review it to see if it is a good fit for our network, festival, and possible distribution
2) you agree to donate your film to the film festival for sales of tickets
3) you agree to donate your film for possible distribution to major networks. When you submit your film you are giving us a none exclusive right to distribute, share, broadcast, stream, and publically show your films.

You agree to all of this and not to sue us for doing so, because you agreed to this before you upload your film. Any film upload agrees to all of this. We can pull any film at anytime, but to renig on an agreement should be done professionally.

We use these films to raise funds and awareness for families that lose new born babies due to illnesses. This is a non-profit, a ministry, and a service to others. We agree to market your films in a none political way, in the best light possible, and to get your film into the homes and infront of as many eyes as possible for this cause.

If you have an issues with the agreement or would like to disconinue your film (for any reason), you can email us at We will miss you, we will be sad to see you go, but we understand and are so thankful for anyone's involvement. Not every festival is the right fit for every filmmaker.

So, in review: When you submit your film(s), you are simply and automatically agreeing that we can share your film at the live festival, stream it (people can watch for 30 days for free - or subscribe) on our online version, and if you win we can distribute it as apart of a feature film showcase with the other winners on Amazon and other platforms. Films raise funds for women and children in need. We donate to nonprofits around the country that help find food, shelter, education, baby supplies, jobs, cars, and more for families to stay together.

Overall Rating
  • Andre Campbell

    Wow, wonderful event. Can't wait to make another film t submit to them in the future.

    March 2018
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much for your wonderful review.

  • Very nice festival. Wanted to participate again and thank you for selecting good quality movies!!

    March 2018
    Response from festival:

    Thank you very much for these kind words.