What is Crossover Film Festival: Hollywoodbridge?

In 2018, the Crossover Film Festivals created an incredibly diverse and supportive inaugural event. Filmmakers from across the USA came to watch, judge and discuss 25 short films. 1st CFF received over 750 films, screened 25, 18 won over 50 awards in multiple categories. This event was the warm up. In 2019, CFF wants to create something even better and which supports the filmmaking community in a proactive way!

In fact, this event could revolutionize the way in which people enter the media industry.

Crossover Film Festival: Hollywoodbridge will be much more than a film festival. It will be workshops, networking events and discussions with film industry professionals with one incredible goal: to get rising talent into the film industry!

In October 2019, established and upcoming filmmakers will converge just outside of Washington DC for the one day festival. Over this time, they’ll form connections, watch films learn one of a kind insider information, have fun and create amazing new opportunities for one another.

Succeeding in the media world is notoriously difficult. Many bright and hardworking people never get the break that they deserve. If someone isn’t in the right family or from a non media background, then it is that much more difficult to get a start in film!

Crossover Film Festival: Hollywoodbridge will provide these people with a one of a kind opportunity and support their filmmaking efforts in new and exciting ways.

What Will Crossover Film Festival: Hollywoodbridge look like?

The event will be held on Friday the 4th of October 2019. The three sessions of free film screenings, two hours each, will take place in Woodbridge Virginia, which is just 20 minutes from Washington DC.

After this, there will be a range of filmmaking workshops, expert panels and networking events that focus on different aspects of the media industry.

For instance, people who have produced music videos for multi-platinum selling musicians will discuss how they got themselves the opportunities that made them succeed. Other events will talk about how people can turn internships into fully fledged jobs.

At the end of the day, there will be a networking event that brings the professional speakers and attendees on a level playing field. Among drinks and snacks, people will have the opportunity to forge connections that lead to long, successful careers.

CFF will announce the winners of the film festival on Nov 4 2019 on the official site. Additionally, if we are able to raise the funding, we will give away prizes to filmmakers who demonstrate that they should be in the industry. These prizes could include funding for a low budget feature, cameras and filmmaking equipment.

Overall, the event will follow a freemium model. The film screenings themselves (with Q&As from the directors/writer/actors and other talent) are completely free.

This allows the event to offer something for everyone, with the free screenings, and affordable events for people who are dedicated to entering the film industry!

Why Woodbridge, Virginia?

Woodbridge is the perfect place for getting into the media industry. Here are several reasons why:

It’s commuting distance from Washington DC, which is Forbes’s third best city for entertainment, media and PR jobs and The Balance Careers’s third best city for dream media jobs.

It’s diverse. We want to get people from all kinds of backgrounds into the media industry. A diverse setting is a key component of this!

It’s full of people hoping to get into the media industry. For instance, it’s home to the Northern Virginia Community College, which is the second largest community college in the USA. There are several college degrees focused on filmmaking at this college.

Overall, it’s the perfect area to bring something optimistic and proactive for rising filmmakers!

Who’s running the Crossover Film Festival: Hollywoodbridge

The organizers of Crossover Film Festival: Hollywoodbridge are a diverse group of people who have entered the media industry from humble origins. Each one has succeeded despite coming from a non media background. And they all have a passion for making the American and global film industry more diverse!

More at CrossoverFilmfest.Com

Winners receive recognition awards in the form of custom designed certificates, media coverage, exposure, outreach and promotions across LFXTV Network and it's social media platforms, including placement opportunities on Amazon Video Direct.

Best Feature Film Award
Best Short Film Award
Best Indie Film Award
Best Director Award
Best Screenplay Award
Best Cinematographer Award
Best Documentary Film Award
Best Animated Film
Best Student Film
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Supporting Role
The Crossover Award
The LFX Award
Best Sound Score
And More

The Selection -

All submissions need to be in HD format.

If your films are currently hosted somewhere, send us the link when you submit your entry.

Films will be screened on location at NOVA Lakeside Theater at Northern Virginia Community College located at 2645 College Dr, Woodbridge, VA 22191 on October 4 Friday from 12 pm to 6 pm EST. Admissions are free on RSVP at the CFF official site https://www.crossoverfilmfest.com/event-info/crossover-film-fest

All entries will be only accepted online. You can upload any film with your lower third strip and mark it as "For Crossover Film Fest Viewing" or with your logo.

Selected films will need to be send in as a downloadable digital version of the master in 1080P H264 or higher resolution in MOV/MP4 or higher/better format.

CFF official email for submissions: hello@crossoverfilmfest.com

DCP's, DVD's and Blu Rays are not accepted.

Selection for the festival is based on creativity, storytelling, script, production values, resource management, subject matter, content and overall execution of the product. There are exceptions but this is a family fest so avoid nudity, sex, and lewdness, excessive violence and abusive language and see if you can tell a story without that.

A written and signed consent letter stating that the contents are original and doesn't contain any copyright infringement is needed via email, authorizing Crossover Film Fest to screen your film at a live screening in the U.S. With permission to use clips and trailers on LFX TV for promotion and marketing the films.

17 years and under require a written and signed email consent of a parent or guardian. For more details please contact - hello@crossoverfilmfest.com

Film Submission Requirements -

You must be the owner of all your material or content and hold all necessary copyright.
CFF will not be held responsible for any copyright infringement and reserves the right to reject the submission and cancel all commitments associated with it.

Preferably your complete online media kit in order to promote your film well. High-res images of the director, producer, the filmmaker, team including the cast if available.

Synopsis – At least a short paragraph describing what your film is all about.

Gear specifications. What equipment did you use? What was the film shot or edited on?

Behind the Scenes photos if available.

Contact information details including full name, address, location, websites, social media pages and film credits.

Festival Timelines -

Selected films and winners will be informed via email and online press release. Awards will be delivered via email.

Overall Rating