Christian Filmmakers around the world document many great experiences and current events, not broadcast on television networks or streaming services. Film festivals provide a great opportunity to share their work with the masses. We are glad to provide an opportunity to Documentary Filmmakers, feature or short, professional or student, we want to present your work to our audience.

The GLCFF presents this amazing event for Documentary filmmakers. The finalist from Cross Docs will be included in our Summer event in Buffalo, NY.

Top projects will be nominated in each category and will advance to the finals at the Great Lakes Christian Film Festival in the Summer.
The top project will be awarded $250. More prizes awarded to other categories.

CrossDocs winners at #GCLFF2021
1st: Student Docs Shorts: What God Wants - Director Mykhailo Bogdanov / DePaul University (Chicago, IL) United States

2nd: Documentary Feature: The One Who Hears :: A Call to Obedience - Producers Rich Goodwin and Drew Gibbs in United States

3rd: Documentary Shorts: Be Careful What You Wish For - Director Marcus Sanford in 
United States

We accept submissions and honor all films presenting Christian content. Ideal documentaries explore Biblical research, highlight world missions, and present biographies of various Christians. We have enjoyed some of the Best Christian Documentaries ever submitted. New for this year are Podcasts/News Reports and Photo Journalism. We are glad to have you as a part of our wonderful event.

Very Important: No nudity, vulgarity, or themes not suitable to younger audiences will be considered as an official selection. We will select the top projects in each category as nominees and award the top film $250. All projects will be reviewed for content relating to Christian Values. Top projects will be judged in 10 areas, such as creativity, production value, sound, etc. Projects should be faith-based, family friendly, and inspirational. The ultimate goal is to have your projects reach out to people that may have never heard of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We also want to encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ with your projects.