*** CIFF is IMDb recognized and one of the few festivals that doesn't ask you to pay a separate fee for each category. ***
!!! CIFF has moved. !!!
We are now located in Los Angeles, California.

Creation International Film Festival (CIFF) is an international film and screenplay-writing festival designed specifically for the indie filmmaker who’s tired of being overlooked by all the other festivals that seem to cater only to big budget productions. Scanning the endless list of festivals not knowing where to gamble your money is frustrating. In most cases you end up with nothing to show for your hard work and limited budget.

At CIFF we’ve kept our entry fee low and offer one of the highest number of award categories, along with an option to have your film or script reviewed. We do give multiple awards.

We know that getting a review of your film or script is a gamble at best. You pay a high price and end up with something that is useless and disappointing. At CIFF, you will get an in depth review by an industry expert who takes the time to read or view your work carefully. You will be satisfied with the review and the price is very reasonable.

CIFF is now headquartered in California, though our international judging panel is scattered around the globe. The festival runs in 4 quarters. Once a year, in March, we will hold our annual Creation Festival Gala where we will screen the best of our submissions from the 4 quarters in an online presentation. The audience will choose their favorite and a beautiful CIFF Best in Show trophy will be awarded.

Entries are accepted as follows:
Winter Selection (November– January)
Spring Selection (February – April)
Summer Selection (May– July)
Autumn Selection (August– October).

The sixth annual Creation Festival Gala will be held in March, 2022.
Finalists will be notified in February 2022.

The entry deadline for our next selection is July 31 and the winners will be announced at the end of August 2021.

All entries are eligible for one or more awards from the list below, or any other award that we choose. A certificate suitable for mounting and display will be given to the winners of each category. Winners of our annual Creation Festival Gala will receive an engraved CreationIFF Audience Favorite Trophy.

Best Feature Film
Best Short Film
Best Music Video
Best Trailer
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Director
Best Web Series
Best Horror
Best Thriller/Action
Best Comedy
Best Animated film
Best Sci-Fi
Best Student film
Best Documentary
Best Editing
Best Cinematography
Best Visual Effects
Best Original Music Score
Best in Show

Best Screenplay Short
Best Screenplay Feature

Being our sixth year, CIFF plans to explore the art of story telling. We are looking forward to being both dazzled and amazed by the world of independent cinema.

Simple guidelines for submissions:

- Shorts up to 40 minutes
- Features 40 minutes to 180 minutes.
- Screenplays should be in PDF format
- Project completion date no more than 2 years old
- Must be in English (or with English subtitles) 
- For reviews, the submission must be in English only
- Online screeners must be uploaded to FilmFreeway
- CIFF will not make your property available online
- We DO accept partially completed films

Overall Rating
  • It is a great honor for MARELD to be a part of Creation International Film Festival! With the honorables of Best Director / Drama / Editing / Sound Design / Suspense_Thriller we are now moving on with the hope for contacts leading to international distribution.

    April 2021
    Ciff logo
    Response from festival:

    We wish you the very best of luck, Ove.
    Thank-you for your review.

  • Éric PINÉDA

    Proud to have won the ''best director'' and 'best editing''. Thanks to the members of the jury of the Creation International Film Festival.

    March 2021
    Ciff logo
    Response from festival:

    Congratulations to you and your team. The awards for Anna are well deserved.
    Thank-you for taking the time to review.

  • George Leontakianakos

    In short, an amazing festival! Perfect communication. Professionals and fair at 100%. I recommend it to all filmmakers! Well done! Keep it up!

    March 2021
    Ciff logo
    Response from festival:

    Thank-you so much for reviewing, George. We appreciate the encouragement.
    And thank-you for sharing With New Eyes with us. We found it truly a heartfelt story.

  • Bharath Bhushan Nethi

    What an Amazing experience to share.
    Creation International Film Festival is truly a stop for every creative filmmaker for his creation to get the true recognition.
    Thanks for the awards in 6 categories, you made us so proud. At the end of this hard work every member of the cast and crew felt acknowledged.
    The jury’s eye for detail is very much appreciated as it’s one of the few festivals that noticed the efforts of everybody onscreen and offscreen.
    Good Luck for the coming years.

    March 2021
    Ciff logo
    Response from festival:

    Thank-you so much, we do try to recognize that it takes a whole team to make a good film. And Deep Inside is definitely a good film. You can be proud of your work.

  • Andrew Palmer

    Thank you from everyone at Synapz Productions for recognizing the hard work that went into this trailer!

    March 2021
    Ciff logo
    Response from festival:

    Thank-you for reviewing, Andrew. Your trailer for Yuki vs Panda achieves its goal of raising interest in the film. Well done.