Crank International Action Film Festival is a unique experience that gives action and the makers of action, on and off the screen, a place to showcase their talent.

It is our vision to make Crank THE place that will bring the community of action storytellers together, where they can truly express their on-screen mayhem.

This is what we celebrate here at Crank International action Film Festival.

The 2023 event will include:
- short films
- Feature film
- Action Workshops such as:
- Directing action
- Coordinating Action
- Action Cinematography

Bring On the Mayhem!

Best short
Best action scene
Best stunt
Best fight
Best director
Honorary award

By submitting your film for consideration to Crank IAFF, you agree for Crank to screen your film if selected for the festival and you remain obligated to this commitment.

Overall Rating
  • Chuck Johnson

    Crank was a fantastic film festival and they really went out of their way to deliver. Compared to other festivals I've been involved in, they were very easy to communicate with, their laurels were well designed and given in a wide variety of options, and the fact that they actually sent you really materials in the main after your win made it all the more cool. Definately definately worth it to join.

    May 2022