Courageous Cinema is a travelling filmfestival dedicated to showing Courageous Young Voices in Cinema.

The festival prioritises films which are shot in a courageous way or are about an urgent subject. This doesn't need to be political, but it's also films which evoke a certain emotion, which might be anger, sadness or disgust.

Our festival travels and collaborates as much as possible with existing initiatives and platform. We love to create a discussion after the film. The organisers of this event created events in collaboration with Sexyland, Movies That Matter, De Bildung Academie, H U H, De Rode Draad and more.

The film festival venues will be different every year. This year we will collaborate with H U H, organised by A New Order in Amsterdam, in the club Radion in Amsterdam at the 15th of March. It will be an event with hundreds of visitors, where we will screen films, perform music, theater and more.

We award the most courageous film with a trophy. Also we have three honorary mentions to great films. When your film is programmed the chance is great we will ask you to screen it on our other events since we have a travelling filmfestival.

1) The films must be a minimum of 1 minute and a maximum of 15 minutes. This is to make sure we can program as big of a variety of films as possible.

2) If selected your film will have at least one LIVE SCREENING in front of the audience of our festival called ¿ ¡ H U H ! ?, and automatically will be in the competition for the trophy for the MOST COURAGEOUS FILM.

3) The film needs to be made in the past three years, to make sure we have fresh screenings, this means 2017 is the earliest date of production

4) The decisions of the jury and the programmers is not under discussion, we do our best to give everyone a fair change but in the end a selection is still just an opinion.

5) We would love for you to visit the festival. However, since we're an organisation of volunteers we can't pay for your travel and accommodation costs. However, we could help you to find a cheap place to stay or a coach to sleep on

Overall Rating
  • I wasn’t able to attend but I have received all the information I asked from the organization, great festival, and they where ready to give me great hospitality!

    June 2019