Cosmo Genetics Film Festival
Holistic, Health - Meditation -Science - Technology - Space - Artificial Intelligence
Festival Live Screens set for Summer 2024.

The Festival welcome areas of creativity Drama, Sci Fiction, Comedy, Horror, Documentaries etc and also Information and films related to Science, and wants to stablish itself to be discovered as an Arts and Science Film Festival welcoming films from all over the world.

Festival aims to promote Films that are all Genres and Documentary types and also made for research , science studies,
Upcoming Technologies, Artificial Intelligence advancements, Space Discovery, Biology research as well as Psychology studies.

Welcome All type of Fiction films.

Science Fiction,
Experimental, and
Documentaries from all genres.

Cosmo Genetics also Welcomes films about :

Artificial Intelligence,

At this moment, the Festival only provides the Following.
- Laurels,
- Certificates.
- Podcast Interview.

At this moment the Festival can not provide the Following,
- Hospitality
- Economic or Financial Awards.

Rules for Hospitality.
If you have been chosen for Hospitality, Participant is obligated to pay for its own Insurance before making the trip.
There are many great travel Insurance options online, offering International cover insurance for only 10' to 15 USD for 7 days.

Best Cosmo Genetics Feature Film
Best Cosmo Genetics Short Film

Best Cosmo Genetics Fictional Feature Film
Best Cosmo Genetics Fictional Short Film

Best Cosmo Genetics Documentary Feature Film
Best Cosmo Genetics Documentary Short Film

Best Drama
Best Comedy
Best Sci Fiction
Best Horror
Best Documentary
Best Science Film
Best Technology Film
Best Space Research Film
Best Artificial Intelligence Film
Best Biology Film
Best Psychology Film
Best Socio Cultural - Economics

Best Director
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Cinematography
Best Original Music
Best Screenplay

1. – Organization :
The Festival has a Team of Professionals In both the Arts and Science Worldwide,
For anybody interested in our Festival we request a Professional Attitude and Equally Professional Manners towards us. A Professional Behavior is also part of the Competition.

Thank You
Cosmo Genetics

The Festival mission is of promoting human knowledge via Film and Art for the better of human condition.

2. – Film Submissions :

Feature-Length, Documentary Films :

Not Restriction whatsoever

Short Films, Medium-Length Films, Music Visuals.

Not Restriction whatsoever

3. – Categories :

Artificial Intelligence,

Welcome for Competition
All type of Fiction films including :

Science Fiction,


Documentaries from all genres.

4. – General Rules :

Participation in the Cosmo Genetics Film Festival entails observance of the present
Regulations, Producers, distributors or other parties who submit films must guarantee that they are legally authorized to represent the film and get any responsibility if fail to do so, as well as if any copyright or Trademark infringement is due to act within the film they are representing, also they guarantee that they are legally authorized to register the film in the Festival. Festival Committee, Artist Director, Aggregators and Affiliates will carry Not Responsibility if any infringement on copyright or Trademark is made by any of the Invited films as well as Participating films or films from the pre-selection phase and during and after Festival screenings. The Director of Festival reserves the right to settle any cases not covered by the present regulations.

The festival accept applications by adults only. We don’t accept applications from individuals under 18. The festival and its sponsors cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to entry materials.

Festival is at this moment Give only Awards by Recognition, NO cash prize, No funding.
You understand and agree, that we will not offer you or pay screening fees.

Should any dispute arise regarding the interpretation of any article of these regulations, the English Version is Binding by the State laws, and jurisdiction and following the laws of the Host Country.

5.-We Reserve the Right to Disqualify Films and its Filmmakers at anytine during the Open calls and after during any time.
We do not want to be harassed by an amount of emails or harassed by comments that undermine the hard work of our Team. If we see it fits, we will follow communication with our NYC lawyers to protect against any Company or Individual who attempts to harm festival or Its Team Members.
We will follow under the Laws of New York State and International Jurisdictions that apply.